How To Root Galaxy Note 4 (Verizon)

If you want to experience the top performance of your mobile, you are in the right place! This article will help boost up its function. Make it become exactly as you want to be. Do things that you thought you cannot do to it. Purchase any app you want for free, personalize anything you want, maximize your RAM’s processing speed, and more!

You can all do that by rooting Samsung Galaxy Note 4 on Verizon. So follow the steps below to do it.


1. This works for the factory firmware which is Android 4.4 KitKat that came with your mobile up to Android 5.0.1 Lollipop. This means if you are running later firmware, it will not work. It is recommended that you downgrade your firmware if that is the case.
2. You need to make sure to have enough battery life. It is better to have it full charged. This will prevent anything from suddenly stopping the flashing.
3. Back up your files before starting. The procedure will not really wipe anything. But just to be sure, in case anything happens, it is still better to do so.
4. Once the procedure is done, never do a hard reset. It will lose root access. Instead, do soft reset when needed by holding the Power button for a few seconds until the Phone options appear with ‘Restart’ in the selection. Tap it.

Step 1:

To start, since you have to use PC, might as well update your Verizon Samsung USB Drivers. Go to the ‘Mobile’ column on the given link. Click ‘Cell Phones’. It will give you dropdown menus for finding your model. On the first selection, choose ‘Mobile’. Next, choose ‘Cell Phones’. Then, it will let you select your carrier, choose ‘Verizon Wireless Cell Phones’. Last, look for your model number. Yours should start with SM-N910V******, but it is better to take a look inside your mobile where battery is put. That is where your model number is written. Proceed to the download page and look for drivers. Download it, install and you can now connect to your PC anytime successfully which you are going to do later on.

Step 2:

Enter your mobile into Download Mode. To do this, turn if off. Once screen is black, press Power, Home and Volume Down button at the same time. Wait until you see the warning screen appear. Then, use the Volume buttons to select Download Mode. Android logo should now be appearing on your screen with texts beside.

Step 3:

Extract the flashing tool Odin3 and run it with administrative privileges. Connect your mobile to your PC and Odin3 must detect it. You should see the first thin block on the program lit up. That means your device is detected. Make sure that the boxes for ‘Auto Reboot’ and ‘F. Reset’ are with check marks.

Step 4:

Now click the AP/PDA button and select the extracted CF-Auto-Root Note 4 Verizon zip file. You are then ready to start the flashing. Your mobile will flash texts and show the Android logo that is colored red. It is normal. It will eventually reboot. Going back to Odin, you will now see the first thick block above ‘ID:COMM’ lit up with green and has ‘PASS’ written.

You can now unplug from PC.

Do you want to see if you are able to achieve it? Just go to Google Play Store and download the ‘Root Checker’ app. Install and launch the app, and click to verify. If it says you do not have root access, download and install SuperSU too in Google Play Store. Open Root Checker again, and a SuperSU pop up should appear while verifying. ‘Grant’ it. The checker app will tell you that you now have root access.

Make sure to check out my note 4 root page for future updates.

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