How To Root Galaxy Note 2 – The Complete Guide

Well from ever since I can remember people always hacked, cracked and rooted their way out of normal administrative privileges of phones, computers, or any kind of device you can think of. If it exists, be sure it has been cracked by someone.

Of course in the past days you needed to be a computer or tech savvy to do anything remotely close to that. I remember that I used to charge for burning CD’s of data for my middle school colleagues in order to make a not so honest buck from not so mentally gifted people. Yes, I feel bad on both a professional and moral level, but boy oh boy, that cotton candy tasted good.

Leaving aside my past full of horrible crimes towards the retarded people that were my school colleagues (no offence guys, you know I love you!), I’ve learned a thing or two about computers, mobile phones and the means of explaining something to a non-savvy person. Like my previous employer said, write it like your grandma is about to read it. In result of that wise and painfully disturbing truth, I’m going to get you through the process of rooting Note 2, with pictures, and arrows, and a lot of words and pretty colors, maybe throw in some unicorns just for the fun of it.

So Let’s Get To Business

First of all I want to mention that although you will gain administrative privileges and full control, you will lose your warranty. Yes, that thing that allows you to repair your phone for free if it breaks will be void. Don’t worry, it won’t break because of the Galaxy Note 2 root but you will probably drop it, or spill something on it because you are not a lucky person. Anyway now that your dreams are shattered let’s begin using bullets and numbers. This


And congratulations, if you’ve followed any of the tutorials, you should now have successfully rooted Samsung Galaxy Note 2! Now you have administrator privileges and use it as you see fit. If you bought it new, remember that now your warranty equals exactly the number of girlfriends you had so far. Zero! So you should pay more attention in it. If you already bought it without warranty then, you had nothing to lose in the first place, except maybe a couple of dead neurons.

So how do you feel now that you are the proud owner of a rooted Note 2? I sure feel fine, I just made you take the first step into the world of crime, where justice is never swift and you can get away with learning how to root Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Aaaaaah! The horrors! So you’re welcome grandma, try not to break a leg.

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