How To Root HTC One – The Complete Guide

HTC phones, being the powerhouses that they are, are in such high demand nowadays. The latest model of the series has been receiving hardly any negative reviews in review sites across the internet (except for complaints about it’s $900 price tag). While the phone already boosts spectacular performance, rooting HTC One can take it’s performance […]

How To Root HTC One (M9)

This guide will give you a clear step by step outline on how to go about with this. Remember that the tutorial is specifically for the M9 model and should not be tried on other phones. Before you begin, you have to know that the operation will void your device’s warranty as well as expose […]

How To Root HTC One (M7)

The M7 has been a very powerful flagship device for the Taiwanese manufacturer. While it may have waned in popularity after the latest flagship release, it is still a very powerful device and a perfect platform for rooting, which can arguably make the device even better than it already is. Like many methods, the one […]

How To Root HTC One (Without Computer)

Here is very quick and simple yet an effective way to access administration authorities in just a few minutes without any requirement of computer. This tutorial is compatible with M7, M8 and M9 models running on latest official firmware. Do not try it with other models unless mentioned. Follow the steps carefully or else it […]

How To Root HTC One (Mini 2)

Maximize the full potential of your HTC One Mini 2. Rooting your handheld should do the trick. You could then be able to do anything under the sun to your handheld. Speed it up to process faster, or slow it down to save battery. Automate just about everything, and even remove bloatware that is really […]

How To Root HTC One (S)

Are you tired of the limited capability of your phone? Are you looking you ready to enjoy endless list of applications on your device? Well, if you are then this is the place to get started. You will find a complete guide on how to go about rooting your HTC One S from scratch. Before […]

How to Root HTC One (SV)

Explore the hidden features by just having a stable internet connection, a PC, and of course your gadget. Play around with its features, feel free and totally own it fully. You won’t need to empty your pockets. This article is the solution for you. Now, follow the simple steps below for this will totally break […]

How to Root HTC One (V)

Bored with your phone’s simplistic features when you know you can still do so much more on it but you don’t know how to? Well, it’s time to explore and be deviant about your phones. Give this article a shot as we give you an effortless and penniless way on rooting HTC One V. Before […]

How To Root HTC One (X)

One of the more classier offerings of 2012, the HTC One X is still a formidable powerhouse. While the time may have moved on from this once proud warrior, rooting the device is sure to breathe new life into it. Read on as we lead you step by step on how to use a one […]

Hasoon2000: Download & Installation Guide

Hasoon2000 is a simple rooting solution for those of you who aren’t too keen on navigating the command prompt. What Hasoon2000 (the developer’s xda forum name) did was he developed an all-in one GUI based tool that would allow you to perform most, if not all, modding tasks that you would want performed on your […]