How To Root Galaxy Note 4 – The Complete Guide

Rooting Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will surely provide you more ways to enjoy your device. Doing so will enhance its performance, add more features and offer more functions.

This way, this low-end gadget, as customers call this, will be transformed into something more. Performing the process is easy anyway; all you have to do is follow some basic steps.

Below you can find a quick list of the many tutorials that I’ve added to the site. Make sure to click on the correct carrier/version to get redirected to the correct tutorial!





Here is an example of the step-by step procedure to root Note 4.

1. Make A Backup Copy Of The Files

Create a backup copy of every important app, documents and other files that you have in your device. Store everything in a separate hardware like your computer or a memory stick. This will prevent you from losing your files if ever you commit an error while undergoing the modding process.

2. Ensure That Your Gadget Has Power

Check the battery life of your phone. Make sure that it has at least 80% energy. Running out of battery while you are doing the procedure will surely produce errors or result to the unsuccessful installation of the tools.

3. Download The Software

Using your computer with an Internet connection, go online and download the latest software that gets your Note 4 rooted.

4. Link The Phone To The Computer

Bridge the connection of your device and your computer using the USB cable.

5. Copy The File

Copy the downloaded file to the internal memory of your device.

6. Turn Off The Gadget

Perform the quick shutdown by lifting the battery of your phone until the screen switches off. Then, put it back in place.

7. Enter The Recovery Mode

Push and hold the Power and Home keys altogether until your device starts under the Recovery status.

8. Apply The Update

Update the system of your phone by choosing the appropriate option in the screen that appears.

9. Run The Universal GB File

Look for the Universal GB file and choose it. This will now run the whole installation process automatically.

10. Reboot Your Phone

Once you encounter the message that the installation from the SD card has been completed, restart your system using the Power switch. Doing so will let you accomplish the Note 4 root and modify the system of your device.

Here’s a video:

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