Hasoon2000: Download & Installation Guide

Hasoon2000 is a simple rooting solution for those of you who aren’t too keen on navigating the command prompt. What Hasoon2000 (the developer’s xda forum name) did was he developed an all-in one GUI based tool that would allow you to perform most, if not all, modding tasks that you would want performed on your […]

Samsung Galaxy S3 Drivers: Download & Installation Guide

Find out all you need about galaxy S3 drivers now. Start synchronizing your PC and your s3 right away in few easy steps. Always remember that operations which entail synching may lead potential bricking risks and other may void your warranty all together. Guidelines – Usually, you have to know that before you commence synchronizing, […]

Towelroot: APK Download & Guide

It is an app for rooting Android, without using any computer or tripping KNOX. This tutorial will help you to give a primary overview about this. GeoHot developers have programmed Towelroot. It is a free and easy-to use program. Using third-party software is not allowed until some system information are override. But a computer based […]

Odin Download & Installation Guide

The best and the most accepted ROM application, Odin, is a window based third party program. The free downloadable windows supported process can be used on various occasions. To flash firmware or for the Smartphone installation of the custom ROM, this software can be used. The Samsung USB drivers are the only requirement for the […]

CF-Auto-Root Download & Guide

A rooting method based on the ODIN that works on every Samsung device is best described as the CF- Auto Root process. Any Samsung Android fanatic is absolutely familiar with this term for rooting. Developed by the Chainfire, a senior XDA developer, this tool has opened an entirely new world of the root. This is […]

HTC One Drivers Download & Installation Guide

Connecting your device to PC is just very simple. But when it comes to Android devices, it does not just end on plugging with USB cables. To say that you successfully connected, you should be recognized which rarely happens, especially on Windows. That is why you need to download and install the designated drivers for […]

CWM (ClockWorkMod) Download & Installation Guide

The stock recovery of Android has back up and restore features and reset your device to its factory settings. That’s all. But with the use of ClockworkMod, also known as CWM, you will be able to do so much better. CWM is most known for its custom recovery that is often used to flash custom […]

TWRP Download & Installation Guide

Team Win Recovery Project, also known as TWRP, is today’s most recommended custom recovery for Android devices. Compared to the others, it has more edges. It has a great graphic user interface because it is touch-based. There are big buttons for its functions that makes it more user-friendly. When you need to execute actions, all […]

SuperSU Download & Installation Guide

You can identify if a device is rooted when it has SuperSU app installed. But there are misconceptions about the app. So if you want to be enlightened about what it really is and what it really does, you are in the right place. Basically, it is just a root manager that lets you somehow […]

Philz Touch Recovery: APK Download & Guide

PhilZ Touch is a ClockworkMod / CWM like custom recovery, instead, it has its touch feature. Truth is, this is actually an Advanced Edition of the popular CWM. This is CWM plus everything you did not see on it. With this, you can actually adjust the touch settings such as its accuracy and sensitivity. You […]