How To Unlock Bootloader of HTC One Devices

It’s good to know that you won’t have to resort to shady methods if you want to unlock your HTC One’s bootloader, especially since you probably want to root your HTC One. Like many other manufacturers these days, HTC has provided users, especially developer and modder types, in a completely legal way. The great thing […]

How To Get Into Download Mode On Any HTC One

The term Download Mode is mostly used exclusively for Samsung only and it is equivalent to the Odin Mode which is the status where you can flash using Odin3 application on PC. But now, the HTC One already uses this term. If you are a user of an older HTC model, and somehow got confused […]

How To Flash Any Stock ROM

If you have problems with your updated or rooted device, and wanted to go back to stock settings, or maybe you wanted to sell it on a good price and make it look just like when you first bought it, well, you have come to the right place. This article will guide you through the […]

How To Unlock The Bootloader

Are you tired of the limitation on the endless capabilities that you can realize with your Android device? Well, if you are using AT&T or Verizon variants, this may prove to be very cumbersome owing to the fact that the service providers have added additional layers of security. This is to ensure that you are […]

S-Off Explained + How To Guide

The term S-Off (Security Off) is commonly used in HTC devices. But a lot of people are still being confused by this term. They often associate it to rooting and unlocking of bootloader. That is why this article is going to explain more further what exactly it is, the differences of it to other concepts […]

How To Enable USB Debugging on any Android Device

Developer settings is hidden by Google. This is to prevent ordinary users who are not familiar with it to change configurations that could mess up the device when mishandled. That is why it is labeled ‘developer’ because these are the people who are knowledgeable One of the options under it is USB debugging. When this […]