TWRP Download & Installation Guide

Team Win Recovery Project, also known as TWRP, is today’s most recommended custom recovery for Android devices. Compared to the others, it has more edges. It has a great graphic user interface because it is touch-based. There are big buttons for its functions that makes it more user-friendly. When you need to execute actions, all you have to do is swipe the slide bar below. You do not need to press and press your buttons to navigate and select. It also supports a different customization made for tablets.

Aside from it having a good backup and restore features, it also has a wipe, reboot and of course, flashing and installing options. But, what makes it unique among the others is that it has its own file manager.

So if you are interested in having it, this article is going to show you how. Just have a PC, a connector, and a good internet connection. That’s all.


1. No root needed. Just an unlocked bootloader.
2. Do everything at your own risk.

Step 1:

Enable USB Debugging by simply doing this.

Step 2:

Get the latest USB Drivers installed on your PC. Do not run it, instead, go to Device Manager and update the driver of your device listed under Other devices. Browse for the downloaded file and wait until finished. You can now plug in and assure that you will connect smoothly.

Step 3:

Download and paste this extracted TWRP file in the ADB and Fastboot directory (if installed using Minimal ADB and Fastboot, proceed to its installation folder, but if you have the complete Android SDK package, open and proceed to the ‘platform-tools’ inside its installation folder)

Step 4:

Run a command prompt inside by doing this.

Then, enter the command: adb devices

This is needed to check if you are recognized by PC.

Step 5:

If detected, then enter: adb reboot bootloader

Step 6:

When you are in bootloader, type: fastboot flash recovery TWRP.img

(replace the actual name of the designated image file for your model that you downloaded to TWRP.img)

This step will finally flash and install the custom recovery.

Step 7:

Now, enter: fastboot reboot-bootloader

Your phone will reboot and once again enter bootloader. Boot to recovery and you can now see that TWRP already replaced the stock one.

You now can finally flash zip files and also manage your files even if you are not yet booted up.

For a video guide see:

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