Towelroot: APK Download & Guide

It is an app for rooting Android, without using any computer or tripping KNOX. This tutorial will help you to give a primary overview about this.

GeoHot developers have programmed Towelroot. It is a free and easy-to use program. Using third-party software is not allowed until some system information are override. But a computer based process may also make changes by tripping KNOX.

The latest version that is available in the market is v3.0. The App was primarily developed for Galaxy S5, but other devices including Note 2, Note 4 and Galaxy S3 are eligible as well.

Advantages of downloading Towelroot:

– No computer is needed to install Towelroot. The program allows you to complete a hassle-free process.
– It does not trip KNOX. So, the warranty still remains.
– There is no PRO version, so it means you do not have to pay any penny to use its full feature.
– Upgrade the operating system only after you have a full access through this.
– There is no risk of losing data while this process is ongoing.
– It increases the battery life and performance.
– A customized User Interface will change your Android experience.

The best outcome from this is, a lot of devices that are not eligible for bringing change in the system files can be rooted with this. Now let’s see the step by step process.


Download Towelroot from here and save the APK to the Internal Storage.


Backup all the data. Though this process does not affect any personal data, the developers have recommended it. It takes not more than 15 minutes to complete. So, make sure that you still have more than 75% battery charge.


Go to Settings, from there Security and uncheck the Unknown Sources box. Then install and run it.


Tap on the option, “Make it ra1n”. Wait for the reboot and then, it will start encrypting the required files.


After a successful completion of the Towelroot installation, you will need to install SuperSU. Then, simply uninstall Towelroot.

Enjoy the new Android experience. Grab any program and install it without any administrator permission.

Keep in mind that before you download Towelroot that you know it works for Note 2, Note 4, Galaxy S3 and many more devices!

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