The 6 Most Popular Root Apps of 2019

One of the great reasons why Android users want to modify is because of the spectacular apps. These cannot be installed by anyone unless he or she is rooted. Also, there are even priced ones that can just be downloaded anywhere for free. And if you are deciding yet if you want to root, you might want to take a tour of this run down of some of the popular ones plus how to install these and more.


First and foremost, this is what you will have to install first after the process. SuperSU! This will still let you limit apps permissions. This is a bodyguard of your open device. Before they can directly access your system, they will have to go through it.

Titanium Backup

This is a really powerful back up and restore utility because this can back up until the last byte of the partition you want to backup. It can also perform a mass backup but it is not shown on the layout so you would have to look for it.

Root Uninstall

One of the best features of rooting is to gain the possibility of removing unwanted program that run too much space, also known as bloatware. This is meant to do it so. You can select from the installed which to remove, or even back up! Not just one by one, but together, at the same time. Just check to select them and bloatware, they will all be removed with just one click.

ROM Toolbox

This is a performance and health manager. You can overclock your speed if you are experiencing a low transition of system, or just wanted to boost up and bring out the potential of your device. Underclocking is also its functions if you wanted to just save battery. This will lessen usage but at the same time, might slow down a little.

Wifi Pass Recovery and Backup

For example, you’ve connected to a wifi but you are also planning to connect from your another source. But then you forgot the password. You cannot see the actual password of it in Settings anymore even when connected. This is where Wifi Pass Recovery and Backup and comes in. Select the network on the list, as long as it was once saved or still saved, then, it will let you copy to clipboard and paste it again.

Screencast Video Recorder

This just lets you record your screen output! So if you are planning to do video tutorials in the future, might as well grab this.

And so, to have these and more, all you need is to do is go to Google Play Store and look for them. Install them, and wait for the Superuser notification if you know the file or not so just grant it.
Just so you know, you can still get priced ones, for free! To do this, go to It will prompt you to enter your model/device and the version you are currently running. Search for any game you want, the priced in Play Store, and even some of the games that are not present in Google Play Store. Download the .apk file below the game description, and run it on your device. Grant, and now, be free to choose anything you want to have, with not a single cent to bring out for your Android device.

And for a bigger list, check out:

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