SuperSU Download & Installation Guide

You can identify if a device is rooted when it has SuperSU app installed. But there are misconceptions about the app. So if you want to be enlightened about what it really is and what it really does, you are in the right place.

Basically, it is just a root manager that lets you somehow be secured even when you are very open. If you go to Google Play Store, you can actually search for the app and install it. That is why some people think that, without going to do flashings and all the complicated button combinations and PC works, they can root their device by just installing the said app. Sad to say, it is not right.

The difference of the Google Play Store app and the zip file is that the app’s function is to actually prevent every unknown sources that are attempting to access system directly unless given your permission. It will show you pop – up when you are installing apps asking you to grant or deny. The zip file is being flashed through a custom recovery to write SU (Switch User) binaries on the system which causes to root. The simple apps are not allowed to write on the system itself but SU can do it.

The app and the binaries should connect to each other to function properly. But you can actually gain it even without the app is not installed.
So to further explain the procedure, follow this guide on how to install it.

Reminder: Do this at your own risk.

Step 1:

Do these steps to enable USB debugging.

Step 2:

Download the latest USB Drivers. Update your driver for your device in the Device Manager.

Step 3:

Install ADB and Fastboot. Open command prompt inside its installation path. Shift key + Right Mouse button shall do it.

Step 4:

Plug in to PC then type in the command window
adb reboot bootloader – then, select Fastboot.

Step 5:

Install custom recovery TWRP, by flashing the TWRP image.
fastboot flash recovery FILENAME.img
fastboot boot-recovery

Then you will reboot and now enter the custom recovery.

Step 6:

In TWRP, install the latest SuperSU zip. Wait for the flashing then type in the command: fasboot reboot

Wait for the restart.

Step 7:

When you go to the apps after starting up, there should be a SuperSU app listed. It means it is finished! Skip this step.

But sometimes it occurs in some other phone that the app is not installed yet and on the list of apps. If you have the problem, this is an extra step for you.

Download it from the Play Store, and there you have it!

When you have a rooted your device which is believed to make you more at risk, you could now have less worries because you can get protected even when you are very “open”. Thanks to SuperSU. To further check if you really have access, download Root Checker app too from the Play Store.

Here’s a video tutorial:

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