Seas0npass Download & Guide

Seas0npass is the most famous jailbreaking took for Apple TV globally despite the availability of other softwares. It provides a front-end interface for XPwn and creates a custom IPSW for a restore-based jailbreak, rather than a “quick” ramdisk jailbreak. Currently, Seas0npass only provides an untethered jailbreak for Apple TV 2G.

It was created and successfully maintained by FireCore Dev-Team. This tool creates a pre-Jailbreak iOS firmware (IPSW) that must be restored to your Apple TV unlike other tools. It is therefore very preferable to use Seas0npass for rooting your Apple TV as the content restores to factory settings as soon as jailbreaking is done.


In order to successfully jailbreak Apple TV to gain access to unlimited media beyond the boundary of iTunes, follow the following steps:

1. Download Seas0npass from here: Mac / Windows
2. Once downloaded, launch the software as directed before.
3. Now click the ‘Launch IPSW’ button to download the latest Apple TV software in order to create a pre-Jailbroken IPSW.
4. Next, connect your Apple TV to your computer using the micro-USB cable and put the device on DFU mode using on-screen instructions. This will automatically begin the restoration process on your Apple TV.
4. Once the restoration completes, your will see a temporary FC logo in place of your Setting icon which is an indication that the Apple TV has been jailbroken after successful completion of restoration of device.
Please note that if your Apple TV was jailbroken-tethered then you will need to disconnect your Apple TV from your computer, launch Seas0nPass again and click the Boot Tethered button. Then simply follow the rest of the on-screen instructions.


Seas0nPass is compatible with almost all firmware versions of the Apple TV 2G. The 1G and 3G versions of Apple TV are not supported by Seas0npass at the moment though. Seas0npass untethered jailbreaks are optimally supported on iOS versions 5.0.2, 5.0.1, 5.0 and iOS versions 4.4.4, 4.4.3, 4.4.2, 4.4.1, 4.4.0, 4.2.1.

The latest version of this software can be easily downloaded from the FireCore website. Simply click the download button in bold, and Seas0npass 0.9.7 will soon be available for use on your device. Because of the new Gatekeeper software on Mac OS, there is also a trick to running Seas0nPass. You will need to first hold down the control button and then select the open option.

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