How To Root Samsung Galaxy S3 (Without Tripping KNOX)

This tutorial is for having a Galaxy S3 rooted without tripping KNOX. It will help the user to keep safe the warranty. Most of the models including the ones from Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T, Virgin Mobile, Straight Talk and Verizon.

It is now an easy task to root the S3 without tripping KNOX. This will help you to use third-party software easily. If you want to avoid any warranty violation issue, this tutorial is exactly for you.

KNOX is developed by Samsung, which separates personal data from system data. It is a built-in program. Sometimes the third-party applications affect the system information. As this is a security issue for the manufacturers, tripping it may void the warranty.


Before starting, recharge battery up to 80% and backup all the personal information. Loss of any internal data is very common in this process. Now follow the simple steps described downward to do this safely. We are going to use “SafeRoot” for completing the Samsung Galaxy S3 root without tripping KNOX..

A computer with internet connection is a must. Check the computer, whether the required synchronization driver is installed or not. If it is not installed, download the drivers from this link. Also download the mandatory “SafeRoot” file from here. Save these files on the desktop.

Setup “USB Debugging”. Simply, go to “Settings” and select “About Device”. From there, tap on “Build Number” for seven times consecutively. Then get back and select “Developer Options”. You will see “USB Debugging”. Check the box and it will be enabled.

Now unzip the downloaded file in the computer and connect the Galaxy S3 with an USB cable.

Run the batch filed encrypted as “install.bat”. The computer screen will ask to reboot after a while. Restart it and the system files will be copied eventually.

Software, check it with RootChecker. We recommend to use SuperSU to keep the security files neat. Both apps are available in Google Play store.

A proper completion of rooting Samsung Galaxy S3 without tripping knox will allow you to get the full access over it. Experience all the third party software and get your work done with it now.

Make sure to check out my Galaxy S3 page for future updates.

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