How To Root Samsung Galaxy S3 (Virgin Mobile)

Are you ready to go through into your S3 Virgin Mobile’s deeper subsystems? If you have confidently answered “yes!” then this how-to article is definitely for you. Put your user access privileges to the next level by knowing how to quickly and easily do the rooting. Be ready to access the unrestricted and broaden your mobile control. To achieve that, here are the steps on how to become a superuser that you’ve always wanted to become:


Of course, you can never build without your tools. Before you set foot on the main process, you should first prepare or do the following that you needed:

1. Download and install 1. Philz Touch 6.19.3 to your computer. It is currently known as the latest updated version.
2. Download and install the 2. latest SuperSU update. You will see it as a .zip file.
3. Install 3. Samsung USB Drivers. Incompatible drivers may fail to recognize once you tried to connect to your PC.
Odin 3.07 should also be downloaded and installed to your computer.
5. Back up important data to prevent data loss.
Note: This procedure is not applicable to Android versions from 4.3 and above.

Instructions to begin with the Virgin Mobile Galaxy S3 root:

Now that you have everything that you needed, it is time for you to head on to the main process.

Connect to your PC using a USB cable.

Transfer your installed file to your phone.


Set to Download Mode by simultaneously pressing the Volume Down, Home, and Power keys for 3-5 seconds or until it vibrates.

Meanwhile on your computer, open your installed Odin 3.07.

Look for the “auto reboot” checkbox and untick it.

Click the “PDA” or “AP” button.

Go and find for the recovery .tar file, then select. You will see a dialog box shown next to the PDA/AP button.

Reconnect to your computer. Expect a message showing that the connection is recognized.

Now, press “Start.” Wait until a green message saying “Pass!” on the upper left corner.

Do not forget to disconnect your USB cable. Remove and reinsert the battery after 5-10 seconds.

Simultaneously hold the Volume Up, Home key, and Power button until vibrate. Expect to see a blue message on Odin saying “Recovery booting.”Locate SuperSU .zip file and flash it.

Turn your phone on and open the downloaded app. Disable Knox and select binary updates.

It is successfully done! Now, if you want to double check whether you got access or not download this app from the Play Store. Also, you can use Titanium Backup which tells you if you are successful or not.

There you go! Explore your rooted Virgin Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy S3  freely without restrictions. You are now a certified superuser of your phone!

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