How to Root Samsung Galaxy S3 (Sprint)

Rooting was used to be a lengthy process, and highly technical people only performed it. But with the assistance of programmers who wish to make this a lot easier, you can now do this even if you’re not that technical.

It’s vital to remember that there’s a different process for every carrier. In this guide, we’ll show you how to root Sprint’s Galaxy S3. Once done, you will be able to install apps that require root access.

But before you even start, you should remember that this process will void your phone’s warranty. Don’t worry; you can unroot your phone to get back that warranty.

The steps presented below will only work with Sprint. Then, ensure that your phone has at least 60 percent battery.

Required Files:

The latest drivers

Now, here are the steps to root Samsung Galaxy S3 Sprint:

– Download and install all required files to your computer.
Enable USB debugging by going to Menu, Settings, and Developer options
– Connect your phone to your computer
– Transfer the Superuser file to the root folder of device’s SD card.
– Disconnect your device from your computer
– Reboot your phone into download mode by pressing and holding volume down, home and power buttons simultaneously.
– Press the volume up button when you’re asked.
– Go back to your computer and extract Odin files
– Double-click the Odin executable file
-Connect your phone to your computer
– Select the PDA tab on the Odin window.
– Choose the clockworkmod.tar file
– Uncheck the Auto Reboot and check F. Reset Time in the Odin window
– Click the Start button
– Wait for your phone to reboot.
– Turn it off again after it boots up by pressing the volume up, home, and power buttons.
– Choose the install zip from scared
– Select zip from scared
– Find the CWM Superuser file you just transferred earlier
– Select that file to flash your phone
– Choose Yes
– Reboot your phone
– Head over to the Play Store and install Busybox app
– Open the Superuser app
– Go to Settings, Subinary, and Update

That’s it.

Make sure to check out my Galaxy S3 page for future updates.

There are also tutorials for T-Mobile, AT&T, Straight Talk, Verizon, and Virgin Mobile.

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