How To Root Samsung Galaxy S3 (4.3)

Did you know that you have the power to become a so-called “superuser”? However, the problem is, you do not know how to root Samsung Galaxy S3 4.3. Well, worry no more because through following the easy steps, you will be delighted with the amazing hidden possibilities that your phone can ever have!

Brace yourself for the fun because you are about to unlock locked features, boost your speed, install incompatible apps, and many more! So, here are the ways on how to discover and test what this is capable of becoming.


1. Back-up important files using recovery.
2. Install USB drivers to be able to transfer your files to computer.
3. Set USB Debugging option on. Go to Menu > Settings > Applications> Developer options> USB Debugging on.
4. Charge for at least 70%. Powering off during the installation process could cause harm. Better spend a few hours to charge.
5. Ensure that you run firmware 19300XXUGNA7 before starting to root your Samsung Galaxy S3 running 4.3. Check it by going to Settings> About Phone> Model Number. CF-Auto-Root files only work with Jelly Bean and this model. So, you better check it for yourself first if you do not want to get bricked.

Prerequisites checked? Alright, let’s begin with the Galaxy S3 4.3 root!

Turn phone off. Set to Download mode. How? Press and hold the buttons Volume Down and Home together.

Right click the icon of Odin3 v3.09 and run it as Administrator.

While on download mode, using a USB cable, connect to your computer.

Once it was successfully connected, you should expect a prompt message saying “Added!”

(However, when it fails to connect, don’t worry because there is a long list of USB drivers to choose from and try on until the perfect one suits best)

In Odin, select the AP/PDA button and select the .tar.md5 file from this CF-Auto-Package.

Check if Auto-Reboot and F. Reset time boxes are ticked.

Click Start.

Once the flashing process was successfully completed, expect a reboot to happen and then, a green prompt message saying “PASS” at the upper left corner of Odin.

Unplug from your computer.You can check for its success by using a downloadable Root Checker app from Play Store.

Now that you have successfully completed all the steps and thus the rooting of your Galaxy S3 4.3 you can now access the inaccessible perks. Welcome to the club of the superusers. Enjoy all of its perks!

Make sure to check out my Galaxy S3 page for future updates.

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