How To Root HTC One (X)

One of the more classier offerings of 2012, the HTC One X is still a formidable powerhouse. While the time may have moved on from this once proud warrior, rooting HTC One X is sure to breathe new life into it. Read on as we lead you step by step on how to use a one key tool (that applies to all variants of the device) to still yet make the most out of this powerhouse of a machine. But before we begin..


It is important to understand that going through with this process will void your warranty and we are in no way liable for any damage to your HTC One X or the loss of your important files should this little adventure go awry. You have been warned. And as always, make sure you have been successful in Unlocking Bootloader. Apart from that, be certain that your device have at least an 80% battery charge stored, your data is backed and you have downloaded all the necessary files and packages before even considering the HTC One X root.

Here are the steps to Root HTC One X:

Download this on to your computer. This is by far the easiest option to get through this ordeal.
Extract the files from the downloaded package (from Step 1) onto your Desktop for easy access.
Using the supplied USB cable (or any USB cable for that matter) connect the device to the computer.
Make sure you have enabled USB Debugging (Settings -> Developer Options -> USB Debugging) and Charge Only Mode (USB Connection Type -> Charge Only).
Locate the files extracted from Step 2 and locate root.bat, if you are using a Windows based personal computer.
Execute the file from Step 5.
If all goes according to plan, it will start reboot a few times. Do not panic, as this is normal and expected. Just wait it out and as soon as the phone stabilizes, you are done!

Congratulations! You have successfully rooted HTC One X and are now free to indulge in the true, raw power this device can provide. Have fun!

Make sure to check out the HTC One page for future updates.

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