How to Root HTC One (V)

Bored with your phone’s simplistic features when you know you can still do so much more on it but you don’t know how to? Well, it’s time to explore and be deviant about your phones. Give this article a shot as we give you an effortless and penniless way on rooting HTC One V.

Before anything else, it is more likely advisable to do a full back up of your phone. Also, you should know that your phone’s warranty will be voided after rooting. If ever you change your mind to unrooting your HTC One V (which would probably never happen once you’ve had the taste of The HTC One V root), your warranty will be back.

It is strongly suggested that you have your phone fully charged before the process in order to avoid interruption in the process, or even worse, brick you phone.
Let’s start!

Make sure you have your phone discoverable to your PC, and most importantly, updated for better performance. To do this, you need to have the updated USB Drivers. Run and install the file. Wait for the installation to be done and your phone should now connect to your PC properly.

It is better to update the firmware first before you start rooting HTC One V, rather the other way around. To check if your firmware is up to date, go to your phone’s Settings > About > Software updates > Check now. If your firmware is up to date, proceed to the next step. If not, download the firmware update detected by your phone.

Unlock the bootloader mode. You can do this by registering in HTC Dev’s Unlocking the Bootloader site through PC. Since your phone’s model is HTC One V, you will not see it in the selection panel. Nonetheless, you can just scroll down to the bottom of the panel and select ‘All Other Supported Models’. Click ‘Begin Unlock Bootloader’ button, then follow the instructions that will be given by the site later on.

Enter HBOOT menu/bootloader mode on your phone. To do this, you have to press and hold the Power button until the phone shuts down. Once your phone’s screen turns black, press and hold Volume Down button and consequentially release the Power button. Hold the Volume Down key until HBOOT menu appears.

Plug the HTC One V that you want rooted into the PC. Now, run ‘install-superboot-windows.bat file from the Superboot extracted folder. If you have Mac or Linux as your operating system, just use terminal window inside the Superboot extracted file directory. Tye the commands ‘chmod +x’ then ‘./’ in Mac or ‘chmod +x’ and ‘./’in Linux. This should be the last step that will just occur in a few seconds. Good luck with your rooted phone!

If STEP 5 did not work, enter HBOOT menu again. Select ‘FASTBOOK’ by navigating with Volume buttons. Enter by pressing Power Button. Install the extracted Fastboot file on your PC. Look for the Fastboot installation directory. You can locate it at My Computer > Local Disk C (most probably) > Program Files (x86) [Windows 64-bit] or Program Files [Windows 32-bit] > Minimal ADB and Fastboot folder. Paste inside the ClockWordMod recovery image.

Plug the phone again to PC. Press Shift key while right clicking the inside of the folder. Choose ‘command window here’. Command prompt will appear. Type the command ‘fastboot flash recovery recovery.img’. After the flashing process, type another command ‘fastboot reboot recovery’. This will direct you to the Recovery Mode.

Copy and paste SuperSU on either SD card. Unplug your HTC One V, reboot then reenter Recovery Mode. Now tip ‘install zip from SD card and locate SuperSU folder. Open it. Wait for the flashing to be done.

Restart your phone after flashing, and voila! The HTC One V root has been completed. You can now traverse and discover new and unlocked features, more customization tweaks and more applications for your phone.

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