How To Root HTC One (S)

Are you tired of the limited capability of your phone? Are you looking you ready to enjoy endless list of applications on your device? Well, if you are then this is the place to get started. You will find a complete guide on how to go about rooting your HTC One S from scratch.

Before you get started, you have to remember that this procedure will void your warrant. Moreover, you also have to know that if you do not carry out this procedure as outlined, there is a potential bricking problem. Thus, proceed at your own risk.

Now let’s see how you too can get started with the HTC One S root:

For this procedure, ensure that you do the below before getting started.
Make sure to charge your device to above 50%
Make a backup of all your content in case the procedure fails
Get the native USB data cable that came with your phone
Ensure that the bootloader has been unlocked.
Download Superboot.
Now that you have everything set, proceed as below.
Begin by extracting the downloaded Superboot file onto your desktop.
Power off your phone completely by holding on to the power button for about 7 seconds.
Now boot your phone in bootloader mode by holding the volume down button and then pressing the power button
Now on the prompt, press power button again to enter fastboot mode.
When your phone is finally in bootloader mode, connect it to your computer using the USB cable.
If you are using windows OS, simply double click on the on superboot-windows.bat file and it will initiate the process.

Note: for steps 8 and 9, ensure that if your downloaded the files in another directory other than the desktop, simply change your working directory to that directory that you extracted the files to.
If you are using Linux, then you have to open the terminal window on the desktop as this is where you extracted the file. Now, you simple have to run the following command and wait for the process to complete. chmod +x ./

If you are using Mac OS, simply open the terminal on the desktop as this and run this command. You should then wait for the process to complete successfully. chmod +x ./

When the process is complete, simply disconnect your device and that is it. You have completed everything and now has superuser access.

Always remember that the above steps are sentential in the sense that they have to be carried out as outline. Moreover, you should not carry out this operation on other devices other than the one indicated as you will spoil them. Patience is everything as different models take different time to root.

Make sure to check out the HTC One page for future updates.

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