How To Root HTC One (M9)

This guide will give you a clear step by step outline on how to go about with this. Remember that the tutorial is specifically for the M9 model and should not be tried on other phones.

Before you begin, you have to know that the operation will void your device’s warranty as well as expose your phone to potential bricking issue. Thus, you may proceed with the procedure at your own risk.

Now, before you begin rooting HTC One M9, you have to makes sure that:

You have charged your device to over 70%.

Make sure that you have created a backup of your content before you begin the process, should the process fail.

Make sure that you have the native USB cable which came with your phone or similar.

Ensure that you have enabled USB debugging mode before proceeding. To do this, simply:

– Open settings.
– Tap About Phone.
– Scroll down and look for Build Number.
– Tap this 7 times till you become a developer.
– Go back to the settings main menu.
– Scroll down to the new Developer option that is now available.
– Tap this and scroll to Enable USB debugging. Check this and you are now set.
– Now power off your device completely and disconnect it from your computer.

Now that you have everything ready, the next thing is.

Download these files from the links provided.

– Minimal ADB and Fastboot from here and here.
– HTC synchronization drivers from here
– Custom recovery from here
– SuperSU from here

Now open command prompt and navigate to the folder where you downloaded the files in step i above.

Type the below commands
– adb devices
– adb reboot bootloader
– fastboot devices
– fastboot flash recovery
– TWRP.img

Now reboot and connect it to your computer.

Now save the downloaded SuperSU on your device and then power off once again.

After 10 seconds, reboot in Recovery Mode by holding Power + Volume Down and then choose Recovery.

Now whilst in Recovery, use TWRP to install the by simply tapping install.

Reboot after the installation is complete. Your M9 should now be rooted.

Make sure to check out the HTC One page for future updates.

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