How To Root HTC One (M7)

The M7 has been a very powerful flagship device for the Taiwanese manufacturer. While it may have waned in popularity after the latest flagship release, it is still a very powerful device and a perfect platform for rooting, which can arguably make the device even better than it already is. Like many methods, the one we are to propose today works with all variants. However..

While HTC is one of the few manufacturers who support rooting of their devices, in order to really start the process you need to unlock the Bootloader. As always, we urge you to understand the risk of this procedure as we are in no way liable to any damage to your device or any loss of personal information. Please make sure you have backups of your data, your device has a stored battery charge of 70% to 80%, USB Debugging is enabled on your device and you have installed all the relevant USB drivers for your computer and device.

Here are the steps to root HTC One M7:

Download this Rooting Package onto your computer.
Once downloaded, extract the files and execute the “WinDroid_Universal_Android_Toolkit.exe” file.
As soon as the task is initiated, you will be asked to automatically download the ADB Drivers that are required.
Agree and allow the automatic download to proceed.
Using a conventional USB cable, connect your smartphone to your computer.
In the WinDroid Universal Toolkit screen that appears on your screen, select Gain Root.
This will cause your smartphone to automatically reboot in bootloader mode.
A status bar will now appear on the screen to indicate the progress of the procedure, which will take a few several minutes.
And with the HTC One M7 root process, you can now use the SuperSU app (from the Google Play Store) to install as many custom ROM(s) you want!

Make sure to check out the HTC One page for future updates.

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