Redsn0w Download & Guide

Redsn0w is an iOS jailbreaking tool, and it is free. With this software, one can gain root access into the file system of iPhone 4s and remove restrictions on this device to download Apps outside the official Apple App store. In this device, it can be used on iOS 5.1.1, iOS 5.0.1 and iOS 5.0. If you are using any other version of iOS, you can downgrade or upgrade to these for you to enjoy this software.


IPhone 4s, running iOS version 5.0.1 or above.
Usb cable connector (30-pin).
Redsn0w (compatible version).


Firstly download Redsn0w from here Mac / Windows .

Find an easy to access and memorable location and unzip the downloaded file there.

Connect your iPhone 4s to your PC. Use the Usb cable. Now, double click the Redsn0w icon to launch the application.

You will be presented with a user interface with two options. Select the button labelled “jailbreak” to begin the process. Make sure that the device you have connected corresponds to the one that Redsn0w is currently displaying at the bottom of its interface.

Once you select the “jailbreak” button, an information window will be shown, the connected device will show an alert which will seek for data to be inputted.

Check the connected device. Tap “Install” followed by “Install Now”. You will be asked for a password. Leave it blank, and then click on “Next”.

More information about the jailbreak will be shown on the user interface. It will be requesting that the “VPN” is toggled on.

On the screen of the iPhone 4s, a new VPN option will be shown under Wi-Fi on the main settings screen. Toggle ON the switch, and it will display, “connecting..” It will trying to connect to the network.

In case of errors regarding to VPN, they will show up, but ignore these. The device will load back to normal home screen after rebooting in the usual fashion.

After rebooting, find the newly installed Cydia icon, and then launch it. It should be on the home screen.

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