Philz Touch Recovery: APK Download & Guide

PhilZ Touch is a ClockworkMod / CWM like custom recovery, instead, it has its touch feature. Truth is, this is actually an Advanced Edition of the popular CWM. This is CWM plus everything you did not see on it.

With this, you can actually adjust the touch settings such as its accuracy and sensitivity. You can even customize layout by changing its color, put background pictures, and manage your files with its built in Aroma Manager.

It also has a powerful back up and restore feature. It is possible to select certain partitions that you only want to back up!
If you are getting more curious and interested in using this, read further to know how you can put it in your device.


1. It is better to have your battery charged.
2. You should be rooted.
3. Back up using Titanium app and store externally.
4. This is for Windows based PC only.
5. Do this at your own responsibility.

Installing Philz Touch When Custom Recovery is Already Installed:

Note: An USB drive with connector is needed.

Step 1:

Download and save on the appropriate PhilZ Touch zip file. Go to the folder and select your proper build. Choose the latest version of the image file and download it as a zip file. You will see a notification under that it is on queue. Click to show the File Transfers page. Wait for it to finish and then you can now browse for it in your device. Transfer it to the USBs storage if located on internal storage.

Step 2:

Boot into Recovery mode by following this procedure.

Step 3:

Whether you have TWRP or CWM, choose the install option then browse the downloaded zip file. Do not reboot yet after the flashing.

Step 4:

Go to advance and wipe option then execute wipe cache and dalvik cache. This needs to be done because replacing to new without cleaning and removing the previous ones could cause a soft brick. So do not forget or skip this step.

Step 5:

When done wiping, go back to menu and select the option to reboot your system.

Installing Philz Touch Using Stock

Step 1:

Update your USB Drivers by doing this procedure to properly install.

Step 2:

Enable USB debugging by going to Settings>Developer options>USB debugging, tick its box. If you did not see Developer options at first, do this.

Step 3:

Now enter Fastboot mode by holding down Power button and Volume Down key at the same time until it turns off. Then remove your finger on the Power button only when screen turns on. Next, let go of all the buttons when you see the bootloader menu appear. Use the volume keys to navigate to Fastboot and press Power to select.

Step 4:

Install ADB and Fastboot then open a command window inside its installation path. Just press Shift on keyboard while clicking the right mouse button.

Step 5:

Connect to PC and download the latest PhilZ Touch file into the folder appropriate for your build. Paste it inside the installation path mentioned on previous step then replace the image file name to ‘PHILZTOUCH.img’.

Step 6:

To make sure if your device is recognized not just by the PC but by the command prompt too, enter the command
fastboot devices

If your serial number is present, you can now proceed to the next step. If not, restart PC or install drivers again.

Step 7:

This time, installation will already occur by entering commands
fastboot erase cache
fastboot flash recovery PHILZTOUCH.img.

Step 8:

Now, to finish and check, type in
fastboot reboot-recovery

At last! You can enjoy the great features of PhilZ Touch Recovery. You will never regret this.

For a video version of this guide see:

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