Odin Download & Installation Guide

The best and the most accepted ROM application, Odin, is a window based third party program. The free downloadable windows supported process can be used on various occasions. To flash firmware or for the Smartphone installation of the custom ROM, this software can be used.

The Samsung USB drivers are the only requirement for the Odin which you can install on your computer depending on the usage of your device. Few years ago, this software was first leaked by Samsung but was never launched officially.

It is used to install or flash kernels/firmware/OS/radios. It can definitely brick your device if you use it inappropriately as the software is capable of flashing very risky and weak parts of your Smartphone.

Are you aware of the steps to use the tool? Let’s learn at one go-

The Odin zip file must be downloaded

The folder must be extracted on your PC, need not be in any particular drive or directory

Samsung device should be connected to the PC with the USB cable

The latest firmware must be downloaded

The Samsung USB drivers must be downloaded and installed

Switch it off for 30 seconds to go into the download mode

Get the download page by switching on your device by holding the ‘power’, ‘home’, and the ‘reduce volume key’

Odin must be launched on your PC

Auto-reboot and then PIT must be clicked

The PIT file to be flashed with Odin must be selected, which is connected with the Android ROM

TAR file must be selected by clicking on PDA for the ROM

Now, this ROM is added to your device by clicking on ‘start’

When you Smartphone is automatically rebooted, the installation is complete

All the Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S3 LTE, Galaxy S4 LTE, Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note, Note 2, Note 4 , Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0″, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, Galaxy Nexus, Samsung Galaxy Tab 7, Samsung Galaxy 5 series and many more in the pipeline supports Odin.

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