iTunes Album Artwork Finder: Automatically Find & Add

When you purchase songs online, it is typical for them come with detailed information, including name of album, song title, year of release and genre as well as album artwork. At least, this is what happens when you buy songs from the iTunes Music Store. But such information is often missing from songs ripped from […]

How to Find, Download and Add Album Artwork for iTunes

iTunes album artwork is not really important, some people might argue. That may true given the fact that you do not buy a music album just because of the art on it. After all, what do you do with an envelope after taking out a letter from it? You probably throw it in the trash […]

iTunes Organizer: Automatically Clean Up Your Songs

Sometimes when you go through your iTunes library, you find some flaws in it. You might find missing album artwork, incomplete info about a track and of course duplicates. It is annoying to know that there is so many wasted space with these duplicates, and of course it is so hard to organize all of […]

How To Manually Organize Your iTunes Library

The word iTunes became an everyday-use term, we always hear it everywhere we go. If you own any Apple device, then you must be familiar with it. Even if you are not an Apple user at all, you must have heard that word dozens of times. So let’s begin by knowing what is iTunes? Who […]