iTunes Duplicate Remover: Automatically Find & Delete Songs

Every owner of some Apple device discovers iTunes at some point in time. This multimedia library can be the perfect place to store your favorite songs, videos, movies, TV shows, e-books and much more. Besides Apple devices, it can be used on all devices with OS X and Microsoft windows operating systems. However, if you use iTunes regularly, you probably encountered its biggest problem: duplicates.

Once you start creating your multimedia library, it is easy to download same thing twice. You don´t even have to download it yourself, since it can also happen automatically, like if you download some update and iTunes didn´t erase the last version.

Duplicates can be a problem for several reasons. They are annoying, they hamper the search, occupy space in your memory, and they can cause troubles with sync, since iTunes has a bug that quietly complicates the sync if it finds a duplicate of a file purchased from the iTunes Store.

As you may see, duplicates in iTunes are more the rule than the exception, and a logical step is to remove them. The question is how doing it. There are basically two ways: manually and by using different software. Manual removing is not hard or complicated, but which way will you choose depends on a few factors, including time and effort you should invest in this task.

A comprehensive list of iTunes duplicate remover software:

As you may see, manual deleting is simple and easy, but requires time and effort to locate duplicates and then erase them one by one. It is not a big problem when you have a few hundreds of files, but as your list grows, time needed to manually delete all duplicates will increase as well. To avoid it, you can use some iTunes duplicate remover software.

If you go online and search for a duplicate removing software, you may end confused and overwhelmed with a wide range of different product. If you start to check their features, you will be even more confused, since most of them are very similar to each other. Still, some of them are more popular than others, either because they offer some special content, either because of their quality. Below you will find the list of some duplicate removing software you should consider for this task.

Tunes cleaner is a software that automatically finds and deletes duplicates from your iTunes. You just have to set parameters and it will do all the work instead of you. There are two duplicate scanning modes: Quick Scan and Depp Scan. Quick Scan compares song tags such as the name of the song, artist or album; while Deep Scan uses Acoustic Fingerprint technology for accurate scanning.

Once located, duplicates can be previewed and deleted.

TuneUp also supports fast removal of the duplicates, but it may also find missing info for your songs (like title, name of the artist and so on) and retrieves an album covers. However, it is not automatized enough, and you still have to do a lot of work manually; so it takes away the biggest advantage that these programs normally give, and that is saving time.

CopyTransTuneTastic will not only identify existing duplicates, but will also identify which song is a duplicate, using advanced algorithms that compares time each track was added to your library, how many times track was played and some other features. Then it will suggest to you which track to erase.

TunesSweeper is great software to manage duplicates in your iTunes. It scans iTunes based on your preferred matching criteria. It may be the name of the track, artist, album, frequency of performance, or some other criteria you chose. Then it creates lists of duplicate files, and all you have to do is to confirm its removal.
Dupe Away is a software that will locate duplicates and automatically erase it. It will also recognize track in your Music folder that are not in iTunes, so that you can recover them to iTunes or erase them. It can move all the duplicates from your playlists, remove dead tracks and much more.

Rinse will find duplicates of your songs, even if the name of the artist or song is not spelled correctly or is missing. It also has a mode where you may listen to songs in order to choose which one to delete. It may also fix misspelled labels, find other information about your songs such as genre or album cover if you don´t have one.

These are just some of the programs you may use for this task. Will you chose one of them or some other, depends on you and your preferences.

The good news is that, as you can see, duplicates in your iTunes don´t have to be so boring, irritating and problematic. You can deal with them manually, but it requires time you may spend on a more interesting activity.

On the other hand, you may use some duplicates removing software. It is fast and reliable, and many of them have other features that will make your iTunes a better place.

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