How to Import Artwork to iTunes

Album artwork are provided for songs bought from iTunes Music Store not just to distinguish each song or album from others, but also to add to your user experience with their attractive look. But for diverse reasons, some songs in your iTunes library may not have artwork associated to them. You may need to manually import cover art sometimes because some songs may not be available in iTunes database.

You can follow the steps described below to import missing artwork to iTunes.

Step 1: Find album artwork

Of course, you need to first of all track down the particular artwork you wish to import to iTunes, or use software to find iTunes artwork. You can simply conduct a search via Google Images or Yahoo Images to find the right album art. Wikipedia and Amazon music store are equally good places to check for cover art for songs. Make sure the iTunes artwork that you add is full-sized to avoid a situation where the cover appears blurry.

Step 2: Save or copy artwork

Once you have gotten the right-sized artwork, download it to a location you can easily access on your computer. Alternatively, you may simply right-click and copy the image to the clipboard.

Step 3: Add artwork

Launch iTunes, find the song you want to add an album art to and right-click on it. Then select the Get Info option for a window to pop-up and switch to the Artwork tab. Paste the copied image into the blank box or drag the saved artwork into the provided box. Click OK and the artwork is added to the song.

Similar steps can also be followed when importing the same album for several iTunes songs. You select the songs and press CTRL+I on a PC or Command + I on a Mac for the Get Info window to open. Paste or drag the artwork into the provided box and click on OK. That’s it!

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