HTC One Drivers Download & Installation Guide

Connecting your device to PC is just very simple. But when it comes to Android devices, it does not just end on plugging with USB cables. To say that you successfully connected, you should be recognized which rarely happens, especially on Windows.

That is why you need to download and install the designated drivers for your device on your PC. Sounds simple? Well once installed, sorry to say because it does not solve the problem yet! So if you are planning to simply connect and transfer file, or maybe do ADB and Fastboot commands, root or flash custom firmware and recovery, and more using your PC, this article will help you so.

Below are the 2 ways on how to install HTC One (M7, M8, M9) drivers on PC.


1. If you have installed previous drivers for this model and still did not work, uninstall them.
2. This is for PC running Windows Vista and up.

Method A.

Step 1:

Connect device to PC.

Step 2:

Go to this HTC USB Drivers page. Scroll down and look for your device and its build. For example, you have HTC One M8 Dual Sim, just press Ctrl + F and type it in. Download it.

Step 3:

Extract the zip file and put it on Desktop.

Step 4:

Click the Start Menu logo, then search for ‘Device Manager’. Click it to open.
If you are having trouble with your search index, go to Control Panel. For users who runs Windows 7 or Windows Vista, just click ‘Control Panel’ on the right panel of the Start Menu. For Windows 10, click the Start Menu, then, on the bottom of the left panel, select ‘All Apps’. The panel will show an alphabetical list of programs. Scroll down to letter W and click ‘Windows System’. You should then see Control Panel.
Once in Control Panel, you should see Device Manager. If your layout is per category, you can look for it on the category ‘Hardware and Sound’.

Step 5:

Inside the Device Manager window is a list of installed drivers. Now, under ‘Other devices’, you should see your HTC. Right click it and choose to Update Driver Software’.

Step 6:

Another window will appear with two listed options. So just choose ‘Browse my computer for driver software’

Step 7:

You will see a bar with a ‘Browse’ button. Select it and then a small window will appear so go to Desktop and select the extracted folder from the zip file that you downloaded a while ago. The bar with directory written shows you the path where you are going to load from.

Step 8:

Now, click ‘Next’ and it shall install them. It will say that you have successfully updated it.

If you take a look, there is already ‘Android USB Devices’ added on the list and under it, you can then see ‘My HTC’, your device named. The fact that it is now specified in Device Manager means it is now recognized.

Method B:

Step 1:

Download Sync Manager. This supports all One models including the three mentioned above.

Step 2:

Install the Sync Manager and just make sure to be connected to the internet. This will automatically install needed driver.

Hooray! Expect to transfer files and flash images on your device smoothly. Just plug in and copy paste on your storage, or enable USB debugging for flashing and especially for rooting your HTC One (M7, M8 and M9).

Here’s a video on how to do this:

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