How To Unlock The Bootloader

Are you tired of the limitation on the endless capabilities that you can realize with your Android device? Well, if you are using AT&T or Verizon variants, this may prove to be very cumbersome owing to the fact that the service providers have added additional layers of security.

This is to ensure that you are not able to tweak the official ROMs which come with your phone. Thus, this guide will give you a clear guide on how to go about it. You should also remember that this will void your warranty as well as expose your device to potential bricking risks hence you should proceed at your own risk.


You should begin by setting everything ready as below:

1. Make sure that your device has been charged to 70% and above.
2. Create a backup of your device content.
3. Get the native USB that came with your device.

Make sure that USB debugging mode is enabled on your device. You can simply do this by:

– Opening settings.
– Tapping About Phone.
– Tapping Build Number 7 times till you get a notification.
– Going back to the Settings Menu.
– Tap this and then look for USB Debugging and check it.

Ensure that you are able to install applications from “Unknown Sources”

Root your device as the apps being used require root access.

Now that you have set everything ready, you should:

Download and Install the recommended Safestrap for your device. You can use the version for AT&T or Verizon.

Install BusyBox commands. These are but a series of superuser privilege commands.

Install the Safestrap Recovery. You will notice that when you first launch Safestrap installer, you will be prompted as to whether you should enable superuser privileges. Grant these and then on the disclaimer prompt, tap Agree as well.

After that, you have to now install the actual Safestrap Recovery image by tapping Install Recovery. You then have to wait for it to complete.
You now have to boot into recovery. Power off your device completely.

Now restart your device and you will get a new menu after the logo menu appears. Here, you will be given an interface where you can select to boot into Safestrap. Simply tap Recovery button and then your custom recovery will show.

That is it. You may then choose to back up your content or not. After that you can then enjoy your unlocked bootloader.

Extra advice:

Always remember that one man’s meat is another man’s poison. The same applies in this case. If you use the above procedures on other devices, then you will be exposing your device to potential bricking risks.

For a video guide see this video below:

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