How To Root Galaxy Note 4 On 5.1.1

You have an opportunity to take charge of the functionalities by rooting Galaxy Note 4 5.1.1 and this provides you a window for custom ROMs, better battery life and storage capacity. For anyone who is new to this customization process, you need to know that it has its own share of risks as you could lose data and get your device bricked if things go wrong. The present processes used include TWRP recovery and Odin with unikernel edge amongst others which have been proven effectively for a number of brands.

Mitigate the Risk of the Note 4 5.1.1 root

So, to mitigate the risk of this entire process, you need to have your phone backed-up in order to have a copy of your data, which you can readily access in any event. It is also advisable to follow the process as described while affirming that you go ahead with it at your own risk.

The Note 4 is already widely reviewed to have a root block as modified by recent updates introduced by Samsung and to override this; you need to have a custom kernel installed before putting in place your SuperSU.

The Instructions to root Samsung Galaxy Note 4 5.1.1

Take a look at the settings of your phone to confirm the Android version and check out the model number. You can do this by accessing the “About Phone” and confirm it is a 5.1.1

Go to the “Build Now” button and tap it a few times till it reveals the developer mode. Proceed to the developer options to locate “OEM Developer”: if absent, proceed; if present, turn it on

Have your phone attached to your computer with a USB cable

Download the kernel to root Note 4 5.1.1 and at the end of it, you should have five files downloaded with the Odin, TWRP recovery, SuperSU file, drivers and kernel, making the list.

Copy both the SU zip file and the kernel to your phone

Unzip the Odin zip file and run the exe program by double clicking it

Have your phone powered off and get the USB cable unplugged before holding down the volume, home and power tab to reveal the warning sign

Have the USB cable connect your phone back to the computer and this will lead to the appearance of a .COM number on a blue box highlighted. If this doesn’t appear, you need to run your Samsung USB driver exe files once more with the windows driver properly installed. This should resolve the error.

Choose AP on your phone , then select the .tar file for the TWRP

Press down the volume, home and power button till it reboots then press the start button and with your phone turning off to slip into reboot, hold down the buttons to reveal TWRP recovery

The next step is to back-up the stock kernel and have the new custom kernel installed. Select backup and save only the boot image

Go to the main menu and choose install

Go to the kernel zip file you copied, and swipe, in order to flash it

Select install again, go to the SuperSU file to swipe it , in order to flash

Reboot the phone and when the Galaxy Note 4 5.1.1 root has completed you will find the SuperSU file in place and when you tap it, it should launch without errors. If it hangs in the process, just reboot and this will clear.

A titanium backup should be installed and once it runs, it verifies that your procedure was completed successfully. So, you can go ahead and enjoy your turbocharged phone.

Make sure to check out my note 4 root page for future updates.

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