How To Root Galaxy Note 4 (Kitkat)

Many procedures have been used to root note 4 KitKat by using the One-click method, Framaroot, Towelroot, Root genius, amongst others. This procedure is attractive because it gives phone users the liberty to install their choice of apps, extend their battery life and secure more storage space. The capacity for many phones to perform several functions is not in doubt except that part of that potential gets locked up from many users.

Some Caution Before You Apply The Note 4 KitKat Root

Now you have the password to enhanced phone performance in the following steps but know that go ahead could mean a loss of warranty and as well, if the process goes wrong, you will end up with a dead phone. Although to get even with warranty, you could have the phone downgraded to have the factory settings put back in place. Following the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 KitKat root is easy and a little diligence will give you the best results but before going ahead, make sure;

– To back up your phone to a third party service like iCloud, Google drive or removable devices such as flash drive.
– Charge your phone and make sure it is over the 80% mark so that it does not go off and abort the process before it completes.
– Have the required Samsung USB drivers installed on your PC so that your phone can be recognized and ready for the reconfiguration.
– Eliminate programs running at the background, shutoff anti-virus and firewalls to give the procedure a free rein.

Instructions to start rooting Galaxy Note 4 Kitkat

Download the One click-Root software to your PC and install.
Enable usb debugging.
Connect your PC with a USB cable to your phone.
Enable the feature for USB Debug on your phone by going to the developer options.
Double Click on the software to start the Galaxy Note 4 Kitkat root and it will run on its own within minutes and give you the desired results.

Once the procedure is successful, you should delete the apps you don’t need and have the CWM Recovery installed. With this, you will be at liberty to install any app of your choice, enhance custom apps performance as well as reconfigure the performance of your device. This will change the aesthetics and looks to your own relish.

Some of the safeguards that come with the software are such that as soon as you plug in your phone, it will spontaneously determine if your model is supported and if not, it will not alter any of its features. This is a distinct feature that separates it from others which will leave your phone getting bricked or broken. So now that you did root Samsung Galaxy Note 4 KitKat, you are heralded into a new world of exciting mobile telephony.

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