How To Root Galaxy Note 4 (AT&T)

Since the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, developers were really having a hard time finding out how to this specific model that runs with AT&T as its carrier. Unlike any other mobile carriers, AT&T’s has their device’s bootloader locked and has no way to get around with it.

Late in the year 2014 ‘til early in the year 2015 is when they were able to witness a glimpse of light. Developers were a step closer on letting users take ownership of their devices.

Unfortunately, it only lasted in a period of time. It means it will be lost once you reboot (hard or soft).

In this article are the steps to do the temporary boot mentioned above. But do not worry because it is just a prerequisite. You can now be able to retain your root access even when rebooted by following this article further.


1. This is applicable only for AT&T.
2. You need to have the stock firmware. This will not work for Android 5.0-5.1.1 Lollipop. If you are running Android 4.4 KitKat then, you can now proceed. But if not, might as well downgrade first to proceed to the steps below.
3. Have your device fully charged as much as possible in order to avoid interruptions during the process.

Step 1:

Update your USB Drivers – AT&T SM-N910AZKEATT USB Driver or AT&T SM-N910AZWEATT USB Driver on your PC. (You can look up for your model number on your battery). This is to make sure that your device will connect properly to your PC and lets you do the process without any problems.

Step 2:

Enable USB debugging. Go to your Settings > About phone > Build number and tap it as many times until the notification ‘Developer mode has already been turned on’ appears below your screen. Then, go back to Settings > Developer options > USB debugging. Make sure that the box beside is checked.

Step 3:

Extract the SuperSU zip file. Open the folder and run the supersume.bat file inside. Make sure to run it with administrative privileges. A terminate windows will appear and it will ask you to reboot your device so do it. Now plug it on your PC and make sure it is recognized.

Step 4:

Install the KingRoot app in your device. Launch it and Tap ‘Root’. This does give you root access, but it is just temporary. You will see the application loading. Wait ‘til it reaches 100% and you can then temporarily access your system.

Step 5:

You can see on your Menu screen that there are unnecessary apps installed by KingRoot. That’s what the SuperSUme terminal on your PC is going to do aside from installing SuperSU application.

Go to the terminal window and press any key to advance. Just allow the pop up that will appear on your device. The terminal windows will install SUperSU. After installation, open the SuperSU app freshly installed in your device. Tap ‘Continue’, then, ‘Normal’. Now wait until the installation notification pop up. Tap ‘Okay’ and not ‘Reboot’ if you do not want to start all over again. A pop up will appear again, just choose ‘No thanks’. Go back to your PC and press any key again in the terminal. That will show a SuperSU notification on your device so ‘Grant’ it. Wait for the deleting of KingRoot files finish. In the terminal window, press any key and this will give you a soft reboot.

Finally, you have now rooted Galaxy Note 4 running AT&T!

Take note that you are only able to do a soft reboot, instead of the hard one. To do it, you must hold down the Power button until options appear. Choose ‘Restart’. If you did a hard boot, you will lose root access and have to do the steps above again.

Make sure to check out my note 4 root page for future updates.

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