How To Jailbreak iPhone 3GS : A Complete Guide

If you are planning to jailbreak iPhone 3GS, some step by step instructions would be a good thing to have while doing it. The good thing is that it is not as complicated as it used to be, but make sure you follow all the instructions so that when you finish you still have an operating and improved iPhone 3GS.

Before you start the iPhone 3GS jailbreak, here are some things you should have in mind. You need to update your iTunes to the latest version, and make sure your phone is using iOS 6.0. If it is not the case, update it as well. If you have an iPhone 3GS with old bootroom, jailbreaking it with Redsn0w will be untethered. In other cases, it will be tethered, which means you will have to plug your iPhone 3GS to computer every time you reboot it.

A little common sense would be beneficial. Check your local laws to see are they allowing jailbreaking and under which circumstances. Make sure you backup all important data from your phone before you start with jailbreaking, since there is always a chance something may go wrong. For this reason, you are doing this at your own risk; and if you are not skilled with devices and procedures, you may consider letting someone with more skill to do this for you.

How To Jailbreak iPhone 3GS

Step 1. Once you have done all the preparations, the first thing you need to do when you start jailbreaking is to download the latest version of the program called RedSn0w (Mac / Windows) to your computer. Before that, create a folder named Pwnage and zip RedSn0w in there. It will look like this on your desktop.

Step 2. In this step, plug your iPhone 3GS to computer. Make sure it has an iOS 6.0. Go to Pwnage folder and start a RedSn0w application. To do so, go to the zipped file, then go to the RedSn0w.exe, right click on a mouse, and chose “Run as administrator” option. If you have a Windows 7, you should start it in a Windows XP compatibility mode.

Step 3. When RedSn0w starts, a new window will open on your screen. In this window, click to the button that says “Jailbreak”, and then on the “Next” button.

Step 4. A new menu will appear. This is a moment to turn off your iPhone 3GS (as it says in a menu). Once you have done it, click to the “next” button on the bottom of the menu.

Step 5. RedSn0w will start to guide you in order to get into the DFU mode. You follow the steps as it is described. First you will have to hold the Power button pressed for 2 seconds. Second part of this procedure is to hold both Home button and Power button pressed together for 10 seconds. Finally, you have to release the Power button; but in the same time, you must hold on the Home button for another 15 seconds. It all says on the menu, so don´t worry that you might forget how to do it. Just follow the instructions written on the menu.

Step 6. Once you have finished requiring steps, the program will start to exploit your iPhone 3GS with an application called limera1n. The menu will appear as in an image, and at this moment, you don´t have to do anything. Wait for a program to finish exploiting. When it finishes, you will have to click on the “Next” button placed on the bottom of the menu.

Step 7. This is another step where you don´t have to do anything, just wait for a RedSn0w to prepare all the data necessary for a jailbreaking.

Step 8. When RedSn0w finishes preparing data, a window will open with several options. Find “Install Cydia”, click on it; and then go to the “Next” button and click on it.

Step 9. In this moment, your iPhone 3GS will be rebooted. RedSn0w will now start to upload a new RAM disk and new kernel. Wait till it is over. This menu will show you the progress. When it is over, the “Next” button will turn on, and you will have to click on it.

Step 10. Congratulations! You just jailbroke your iPhone 3GS.

If you have an iPhone 3GS will an old bootroom, this is the end of the road for you. You have a device that had been jailbroken in an untethered mode. This means you may reboot it any time and in any place without limits. If you have a new bootroom, your phone will be jailbroken in a tethered mode, which means you will have to plug your iPhone 3GS to the computer every time you need to reboot it. If you want to turn it into a untethered mode, there are a few more steps you should do.

Step 11. First go back to the main RedSn0w menu. You were already there in a step 3. Then you clicked on a “Jailbreak” button, and this time you will click on an “Extras” button, and then “Next” button on the bottom.

Step 12. A new menu will open that has several options listed. Go to the “Just boot” option, click on it; and then click the “Next” button. Once you have done it, you will have to set your iPhone 3GS to the DFU mode, as described in a step 5. Again just follow the instructions from the step 5, and in no time your device will be untethered.

If you followed all these steps carefully, you probably have an iPhone 3GS untethered jailbreak applied, and you may use it without any limitations. Make sure you do all the right steps, and be careful while you do it. If you are not familiar with these procedures, maybe the best solution would be to find someone to help you.

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