How To Jailbreak IOS 8.1: A Simple Solution

I personally was a little disappointed with this latest firmware upgrade, and I felt that it was only done to patch the jailbroken status of IOS 8.

While I can’t proof this, and Apple surely won’t admit it, the new features however speak for themselves. We’re only getting 3 new additions, and very minor ones as well which normally wouldn’t even get released unless it was critical.

So what exciting new things do we get with 8.1? Well, apart from that fact that you can jailbreak IOS 8.1, Siri now also has a wallet opener. It can now access your credit cards that have been added to Passbook so that you couple them with Apple Pay. The Camera Roll has been returned (the only good thing that got included in my opinion, but they should’ve never taken this one out in the first place) and lastly they added “Continuity”, which allows SMS forwarding and Instant Hotspot to actually work.

So as you can see, we need to start jailbreaking as soon as possible because we want our tweaks back! And luckily, we can, thanks to Pangu. Almost as soon after the release, they came up with a new solution, so hats off to them!

How To Jailbreak IOS 8.1:

Let’s dive right in, because it’ll be quick and sound (very easy).

Now some prerequisites need to be done before even thinking about applying the IOS 8.1 jailbreak (go here if you run on 8.1.1). So first of all, you need to make sure that you’re running the latest version of iTunes.

Now go into your device, and go to Settings – iCloud – and enable Airplane mode. While you’re there, also turn off the Passcode. (If you keep it on it will intervene with the process that you’re about to do)

Afterwards, you’ll need to do the following to begin with the 8.1 jailbreaking:

Go and download the newest Pangu software, which is both for Windows and Mac.
Connect your device to your PC.

Open the downloaded .exe file as administrator (If you’re on Windows, do this by right clicking it and selecting “run as administrator”), and the .dmg file by simply right clicking it and selecting “Open” (that is only if you’re on MAC).

You’ll need to wait until Pangu has been loaded, then click on the blue “Start” button.
Click “Already did”.

The program will now start. So be patient here as it runs. You do need to monitor it as you’ll be asked to perform a “Slide to Upgrade” several times.

Now some reboots will follow, the final reboot will have to be done manually.

Afterwards, you should be able to see the Cydia icon. If you see this, then it successfully performed the IOS 8.1 jailbreak.

Now you’re able to explore thousands of Tweaks, and of course utilize them! You can see how in the video below.

So that concludes this post, we’ll post new updates here as soon as we’ve found anything important that must be read.

For a visualization of the above tutorial see the video below.

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