How To Jailbreak IOS 7: A Complete Guide

Quite unexpectedly, the team, evad3rs, has published the iOS 7 Jailbreak, which is also
untethered which means you only have to connect the device to the computer only once.

Just before Christmas, the guys around pod2g and MuscleNerd have the first gift ready. After weeks of
work, the untethered jailbreak is released. All devices (iPhones, iPad, iPad mini, iPod touch) running iOS
7 are supported. In addition, it works on devices running Beta 1 and Beta 2.

It goes by the name evasiOn7 and makes it particularly easy to crack the device. It’s now out in a Mac
OS X version and in a version for Windows. Download it and you’re just a click away from getting access
to Cydia again.


OS X 10.6 or later
Windows XP or later (with iTunes installed)

Supported firmware versions:

7.1 Beta 1
7.1 Beta 2

How To Jailbreak IOS 7

Before starting, make sure you download Evasi0n7 from here: Mac / Windows

1. Create a backup before beginning.
2. Your iTunes Backup Password must be disabled before the backup (afterwards you can enable it again)
3. Disable password lock (passcode) on the device that you want to get jailbroken.
4. Run EvasiOn7 and then press the start button
5. Drink tea, sit back and relax while the software does it job
During the process, the device and iTunes are not harmed.
If something goes wrong: reboot the device, start EvasiOn7, and run it again.
It can be found as usual on the Evasi0n website. The current version of evasiOn7 is currently 1.0.0.

Note: For iPhone 5/5C/5S devices a special additional step needs to be taken before you can begin.

With the IOS 7 jailbreak you have freed your mobile system of various restrictions. Afterwards, you can install
on your device apps and tweaks that are not delivered directly through the App Store. The Evas0n7
supplied with Cydia version (alternative app store) is not yet optimized. Here Saurik will have to lend a
hand. In addition, you will find that a number of tweaks, apps and extensions were also not adjusted.

Note: the above tutorial has the end result of you applying an untethered IOS 7 jailbreak.

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