How To Jailbreak Apple TV: The Complete Guide

Apple TV, a digital media player and microconsole by Apple Inc., has a lot more potential that you can imagine. Using some smartness and the following steps, you can easily jailbreak Apple TV and unlock the video streaming power of this small device without spending a single penny. This procedure is against Apple’s terms of service but the risks involved are really minimal.

Jailbreaking Apple TV will gain you root access to the device so that you have full control and freedom over its firmware and operating system. Although Apple TV is merely a small Linux UNIX system with a wonderful graphics processor. All third party applications become available on your device and you can easily decode many video formats without even requiring conversion. XBMC compatibility is just a bonus that comes with this miraculously easy solution.

Use the following step-by-step guideline to be on your way to free your device from the shackles of iTunes in order to convert it into a fulltime video powerhouse.


Following is a precise list of things you’ll need in order to complete the Apple TV jailbreak:

1. Latest iTunes installed on a computer/preferably a laptop.
2. Apple TV 1 or Apple TV 2.
3. Apple TV remote.
4. Seas0nPass for Mac / Windows
5. A micro USB cable.

How To Jailbreak Apple TV

With all the above things in hand, you’re ready. If you already have Seas0nPass downloaded, chances are that the steps are already given on it. Check out the detailed instructions below to be on your way to maximize the real experience of your Apple TV.

Start by UnZipping and launching Seas0nPass.

Click the “Create IPSW” button and wait until the software downloads the Apple TV software.

Quickly connect your micro USB from Apple TV to your computer/laptop when you are prompted to do so after the Apple TV software finishes downloading. You can leave the power cord unplugged from the Apple TV but the actual process asks you to complete this process with the power cord left in the Apple TV. In case one way doesn’t work for you, try otherwise.

After connecting the micro USB from Apple TV to your computer/laptop, a light on the front of Apple TV will begin to flash rapidly. When this happens, point the remote at the Apple TV and hold both the MENU and PLAY/PAUSE buttons for 7 seven seconds.

After 7 seconds, iTunes will open automatically and start the restoration process. Sometimes, you will have to actually click on the Open button in the file dialogue to start restoring. If iTunes do not open automatically for restoration, you can click around your screen and open the proper files needed to perform the restore.

Once the restoration is complete, iTunes will confirm it and this is all. Please note that some older versions of iOS require a tethered boot of the Apple TV where the device needs to be connected to the computer/laptop for a short period of time while it starts up, Now you can plug in the Apple TV back to your TV.

Congratulations on getting halfway through the procedure! Once done, all you need is a software to see the results. To install the software called XBMC, use either of the following routes:

⦁ If you are a MAC user, start by installing the NitoTV installer tool which will then automatically download the XBMC for you. You can also check out iClarified to learn more.

⦁ Install the XBMC software using a command line into the Apple TV. This is not as technical as it sounds. You can read the XBMC installation instructions for this route over the internet before trying this method. All you need to install XBMC using this route is to know your computer’s/laptop’s current IP address. This you can know by going to Settings > General > Network on your Apple TV.

Once XBMC is installed on your computer/laptop, you’ll find a new icon that can be clicked to launch the application. Use a little setup to link XBMC to your network’s media library – and voila! You’re now completely capable of streaming your entire movie, music, and photo collection for free with total ease.

Make sure to check out:

Prevent Unwanted Updates

It is mandatory to uncheck or disable automatic updates on Apple TV to successfully complete this process. Not preventing unwanted updates will continuously irritate you to update the OS on the Apple TV whenever an update is released. If you accidentally accept one of these updates, you’ll lose the jailbreak and have to start again right from the beginning which can indeed be very daunting.

To disable these updates, edit the host file on SSH terminal on the device to re-route the Apple home-based calls using the following steps:

1. Open the PuTTY on your computer or a terminal on your MAC and connect to your Apple TV. Provide the following information when asked:
⦁ SSH@your-ip-address
⦁ username: root
⦁ password: alpine

2. Now enter these commands using copy-paste:
⦁ echo “” >> /etc/hosts
⦁ echo “” >> /etc/hosts
⦁ echo “” >> /etc/hosts


By thoroughly following each step, you have successfully unlocked a surprise for yourself right from your Apple TV. Get ready to have fun with the limitless media freedom. Try the many interesting add-ons and stream countless videos using your jailbroken Apple TV that can now provide you access to an entire new world of free possibilities.

This system is not only easy to use, but also delineates the shortest possible way to jailbreak Apple TV for availing more potential benefits. Try it out, and share the trick with others to maximize the thrill and sense of achievement.

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