How To Jailbreak Apple TV 4 Without MAC

if you want to jailbreak Apple TV without MAC, then you’re in luck because it’s actually very easy. It would be very easy if you have a Mac with you. It is because through the process, you will need to develop an app that you will install on your TV. And to make an app for iDevices, you need a software for it. And there is only a software called Xcode to do it, a software that is only available at Mac Store. So what if you don’t have one? Well, do not worry because there are still ways to do it even if you do not have Mac. By using Windows, or Linux, you are good to go.

It could be a bit complicated but it is worth it. How this Apple TV 4 Jailbreak without MAC works is so much worth the effort.


1. This tutorial is for non-Mac users, particularly for Windows and Linux.
2. You should have an Intel processor and not AMD.
3. In rooting the Apple TV 4, you must have tvOS 9.0. and 9.0.1.
4. It is always better to backup your TV.
5. Have with you a USB – C cable for plugging in to PC.
6. Make sure you disable Software Updates.

How To Jailbreak Apple TV Without MAC

Download uTorrent. Install it.

Get Yosemite Hackintosh.iso torrent and load it in uTorrent.

Download virtual drive for Linux, CDemu, and for Windows, DVDFab.

Open virtual drive and mount downloaded Yosemite iso file.

Get VirtualBox for Windows or for Linux. Download and install them.

Create a Virtual Machine by opening it then selecting ‘’New’’ then continue.

In the Operating System selection, choose MAC OS X. For version, choose 64-bit and then proceed.

Pick the RAM allocation you are willing to let your PC use for VirtualBox.

Just follow the on-screen instructions afterwards. You will then eventually create a virtual hard drive. Select “Start” to open and install the virtual machine.

Since Yosemite iso is mounted on your virtual drive, it is ready to be installed. So just follow the on screen instructions again that will appear on the virtual machine and it will install Yosemite operating system.

VirtualBox will automatically restart and run.

Go to VirtualBox Settings > System and untick “Enable EFI”. Then, go to Processor and pick two CPU’s. Next, go to Display and make video memory 128MB at least.

Go to Mac store and install Xcode.

While installing, plug in TV using USB – C cable.

Open Apple Developer site anywhere, on your browser, or phone, etc. If you have an existing Apple ID, you can log it in. If not, create one. Registering to the site will make your account a developer account that will let you sign your created apps that will allow them to be installed on any iDevice.

When Xcode is done installing, open it and log in your registered Apple ID.

Create an app by opening a new project. On tvOS > Application, choose “Single View Application”.

Make a name for your project and just put in your name on Organization Name. For the Identifier, input com.jailbreak.appletv.

On the menu bar, go to Product > Destination > Apple TV (OS version lower than development target).

Choose your tvOS then choose your Apple ID with sideload privileges (developer). Then, click the button that says “Fix Issue” for code signing problems.

Extract Pangu for tvOS on your Desktop.

Launch iOS App Signer and browse for a file named “” inside Payload folder in the extracted Pangu folder. Select again your Apple ID and Identifier from Step 17.

And then start signing.Save your newly signed app on Desktop.

Open Xcode and open list of devices. Choose your TV.

Add the .ipa that you just saved on your Desktop. Sit back until it is done.

Open Pangu on your TV. It shall do the final step by jailbreaking Apple TV without MAC.

Bravo! You now know why jhaving your Apple TV 4 jailbroken is such a buzz. Enjoy your freedom, with it!

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