How To Jailbreak Apple TV 4 (Windows Users Only)

Jailbreaking the Apple TV 4 using Windows is a really simple procedure. As long as you have the free tools to be installed and a Mac. But what if you do not own a Mac? And can even borrow from anyone? That’s what this tutorial is going to teach you.

There is a required tool called ‘’Xcode’’ that should be used to complete the process. Unfortunately, if you use a Windows PC, it does not support it. It exclusively runs in Mac. So to learn to jailbreak Apple TV 4 using windows, see the steps below.


1. Your PC or Laptop should have Windows 10. Using lower windows operating systems may not let you work smoothly.
2. Your PC or Laptop should at least have 2GB of RAM. It’s best if you have 4GB and higher. If you have lower memory, it will not be able to support the tool, ‘’VMWare’’, that you are going to use later.
3. You should be running tvOS 9.0 – 9.0.1 only. The latest OS does not have available jailbreak yet. Updating to the latest will not let you downgrade anymore (Unless you have done SHSH blobs or knew about it).
4. Backup your Apple TV 4 content.
5. This process is absolutely free but you may have to purchase for a USB – C cable. You need this to be able to connect to your PC. Lucky you if you are able to borrow one from someone else.

How to jailbreak Apple TV  4 using Windows

Go to VMWare download page. Just enter your email address and name, then click the Download button. You will then be directed to the download links. The file is really large with 6GB in size so it is recommended that you download it through Free Download Manager or other similar softwares.

When done downloading, extract it (VMWare Tutorial zip file) to your Desktop.

Open the folder. You should see 4 files in it. If you have Winrar already installed, then you would not need to install the Winrar file inside. Skip this. If you do not have yet, install it.

Run the VMWare Player installer to install then open it. This is the application that will run OS X on your non-apple PC. On its startup, you just have to choose the first option and input any email to activate.

Back to the tutorial folder, open the Unlocker204 folder. Look for the file win-install and run it as admin. A command window will flash texts. Just wait for it for a few minutes then it will automatically close.

On the main tutorial folder, extract the zipped OS X 10.11 file.

Open the extracted folder and inside, run the OSX 10.11 VMWare virtual machine configuration file. The player will show up. If it asks you where you got the file from, just select that you copied it.

Since it is the first time you ran it, it would take a bit long. But eventually, you will be lead to the setup of OS X. If you encounter the bug that the resolution is not in sync, just adjust the VMWare window a bit and the resolution will be on sync already.

Proceed with the setup until it lets you sign in your apple ID. If you do not have one, it’s fine. You can skip it. If you do, you can already sign in. Then set up your user account, and password, etc.

Once you have booted up, you will see below option to Update Tools. Do so. VMWare tools will update too so install when it pops up. Then, select restart when installation is done. The player will close and re-open.

When started up, go to App Store and look for Xcode. Install it. So if you haven’t got and apple ID and can’t sign in, it will give you an option to register. It will take a bit long to because it is 4GB in size.

On you Apple TV 4, go to Settings -> System -> Software Updates then disable the automatic update option.

Connect to PC using USB – C cable.

In the Apple Developer site, sign in using your Apple ID. If you do not have yet, create one.

Go to Xcode preferences. Sign in your apple ID used in Step 13.

On the menu bar, navigate to File > New > Project > tvOS > Application > Single View Application. Then move on.

Fulfill the needed things then create after filling up.
Product Name – Jailbreak
Organization name – (write your name)
Organization Identifier – com.YOURNAME.appletv

From the menu bar, go to Product > Destination > Apple TV (OS version lower than development target)

Select your appropriate tvOS on the first dropdown. Then select your Apple ID. There is an available fix button in case you experience signing problems

Download the WIndows version of Pangu for tvOS and iOS App Signer still through VMWare and extract them to Desktop.

Open iOS App Signer then browse for Pangu > Payload. Choose the ‘’’’ file. Another pop up will show. Select your Apple ID, and the provisioning profile you created. Next, start.

Choose Desktop as your destination folder.

Open Xcode. Naviate to Windows > Devices > Apple TV > Installed Apps, add by clicking ‘’+’’, then a pop up window will appear, select the modified atvipa.ipa you saved in Desktop.

Now check your Apple TV. You just installed Pangu. Launch it then it will finally jailbreak your TV.

Hooray! You have just jailbroken Apple TV 4 on Windows. So now you know why jailbreaking Apple TV 4 is so important . Watch all you want, control it using your iDevices, customize layout and more. Get the most out of it.

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