How To Jailbreak Apple TV 4: The Complete Guide

Jailbreaking Apple TV 4 has never been so easy. Thanks to the developers of Pangu, it is now possible for you to tweak not just iOS devices, but also, your TV. With its really friendly interface, even if you are not techy enough, just a beginner, this will still fit for you.


1. This is exclusively for tvOS 9.0 and 9.0.1. If you have newer version, unfortunately you cannot downgrade.
2. Do a backup of your TV.
3. Check if Software Updates in Settings is disabled. If not, disable it.
3. You are going to use USB – C cable so do make sure you have it. If not, purchase one.
4. Go to Apple Developer site to create a new ID or register your existing Apple ID to have sideload privileges. This will let your account sign developed apps by you yourself.
5. It’s preferable to use MAC instead of Windows.

How To Jailbreak Apple TV 4

Download Pangu for tvOS, iOS App Signer, and Xcode in Mac Store.

Extract Pangu folder anywhere that is accessible in your Mac.

Open your TV and plug it to Mac by connecting with USB – C cables.

Open Xcode and select ‘’Create a New Project’’.

Click on tvOS then Application and then choose ‘’Single View Application’’. Proceed.

Name your project TV4Jailbreak then input your own name on the next fill up box.

Now, for the dropdown box Organization Identifier, write com.YOURNAME.appletvjailbreak.

Proceed then save your project anywhere in your Mac. The project will open on Xcode automatically.

Starting with creating the jailbreak app, choose the tvOS of your TV on the Deployment Target dropdown.

Open list of plugged in devices on the Windows bar on menu bar. Pick your TV.

A code signing issue will occur so just add your Apple ID. And then, again, go to ‘’View Accounts’’ and click the dropdown bar, choose your ID. It will finally fix the issues.

Open iOS pp sSigner.

Click ‘’Browse’’ button and look inside Pangu folder. Inside it, you will see Payload folder, open it and select ‘’’’.

Again choose your ID, then pick ‘’tvOS Team Provisioning Profile:com.YOURNAME.appletv4jailbreak’’ for Provisioning Profile.

Start the signing, but first, it will ask you where to save it. After it, wait until it’s done. You now have a signed app. You can now install it to your TV.

Back to Xcode, go to Windows bar, then open the list of devices. Choose your TV and add apps to it. You can see a plus sign, so just click it.

Choose the ipa file you signed just a while ago. It will be installed on your TV.

Check your TV and Pangu should now appear on your apps list. Open it and it will finally modify your root. Wait until finished.

There you go! You now know how this Apple TV 4 jailbreak works. Explore your now jailbroken Apple TV 4 unrestrained. You will eventually discover why you’d really want to jailbreak Apple TV 4.

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