How To Jailbreak Apple TV 2: The Complete Guide

We explain the Apple TV 2 jailbreak in two ways.

The first part explains the jailbreak while the second part talks about ‘Tethered Boot’, ie Tailed boat. This must be carried out at each new start!

Apple TV 2G
The latest version of iTunes:
– iTunes 10.5
– iTunes 10.3 Windows 32 bit
– iTunes 10.3 Windows 64 bit
– iTunes 10.3 OS X Snow Leopard
– iTunes 10.3 OS X Lion
Micro-USB cable
Mac OS X
No connection to any other Apple device with iTunes is needed.

How To Jailbreak Apple TV 2

Extract the “” file and run it. Download from here: Mac / Windows

Now click on “Create IPSW” to start

You should now get a message that says:

The current version of the Apple TV software is downloaded and used to create a customized gejailbreakte file.

When prompted that you should connect your Apple TV with the Micro-USB cable, do it (leave power disconnected). Then hold “MENU” and “Play / Pause” for 7 seconds.
iTunes will open automatically and start the restore process.

After the restoration of iTunes is confirmed, you’ve now applied the Apple TV 2 jailbreak.

Tethered Boot

Important: This process is required for each new start of Apple TV 2G!

Open Seas0nPass and click on “Boot Tethered”.

When you are prompted, connect your AppleTV to your computer via USB. After flashing, click on POWER (on the Apple TV). Once both are connected, hold down “MENU “- and” Play / Pause “button for seven seconds.

After the Seas0nPass has confirmed the completion of the process, remove the Micro-USB cable and connect the HDMI cable.

Attention! Timing is important. It is possible for this to not work the first time. If this happen, you just have to try again.
We disclaim all liability and warranty. Follow these instructions to jailbreak Apple TV 2 at your own risk!

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