How To Get Into Download Mode On Any HTC One

The term Download Mode is mostly used exclusively for Samsung only and it is equivalent to the Odin Mode which is the status where you can flash using Odin3 application on PC. But now, the HTC One already uses this term. If you are a user of an older HTC model, and somehow got confused or got alienated with the term, reading this should enlighten you. This article will clear your thoughts up on what this really is, what it does and how to boot into it.

Basically, it is just the same as Fastboot mode which is the counterpart of Odin Mode for Samsung. In the release of the M9 version, they already dropped that odd and replaced with Download Mode.

If you are worried if you can still use the Fastboot tool on your PC for entering commands to your device, the answer is yes, you still can as long as you are booted up on that state. So do not worry because the functions are exactly the same as the old one. They just reorganized the layout and changed the name but it still boots from the bootloader.

When you are booted up in it, you are on the state wherein device is not booted up but can still be accessed and take commands. This is the state where you can flash images on selected partitions. Limitations still depend if bootloader is locked or unlocked.

Now if you want to know how to boot into download mode for HTC One M7, M8 or M9, follow the very easy 4-step instructions below.

Reminder: This works for rooted and unrooted.

Step 1:

Navigate to Settings and look for the ‘Power’ option, and select it. Now, look for the ‘Fastboot’ option and the box beside should not be checked. I checked, just untick the box.

Step 2:

Power off.

Step 3:

Hold down Volume Down and Power buttons at once. Wait until screen turns on.

Step 4:

Once screen turns on, release the buttons.

Congratulations! You should now see the Download Mode. In it, there are red texts wherein you can see if your bootloader is locked or unlock, and if you have S-Off or S-On. Under the red texts are blue texts selection list. There are options to take a look at the system information, show barcode, reboot into bootloader or in the current mode or normally, and power down.

You can choose from the selection by using Volume Up and Down keys, and selecting by pressing the Power button.

When plugged in to PC while in it, you can input commands to it via PC using the Fastboot tool.

Your files wouldn’t be deleted and warranty will not be void when booting into it unless you flash custom kernels which change the stock ones, and root.

For a video guide see:

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