How To Flash Any Stock ROM

If you have problems with your updated or rooted device, and wanted to go back to stock settings, or maybe you wanted to sell it on a good price and make it look just like when you first bought it, well, you have come to the right place.

This article will guide you through the process on flashing stock ROMs in order for you to make it look like brand new.

But first, you need to know what you can have when you are with stock ROM.

When you talk about stability, having it gives you that. Before releasing, it has thoroughly undergone experiments and tests by the manufacturers. They wouldn’t want to lose audience and users to throw dirt at their name.

Also, you have warranty and still have the manufacturer on your back in case problems happen.

Let’s start with the tutorial!


1. Make sure that you’ve already charged your battery to avoid unexpected stoppage that could cause bricking
2. Back up your data because the process will wipe everything.
3. This is for Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10 PC users.

Step 1:

Do this to enable USB debugging.

Step 2:

Enter bootloader menu by simultaneously pressing the buttons Power and Volume Down. When screen is off, let go of the Power button. Welcome to HBOOT menu, also known as bootloader.

Step 3:

Information will be listed on screen and below is a selection of boot partitions. Use Volume Keys to navigate, and Power button to select ‘FASTBOOT’. You are now in Fastboot mode.

Step 4:

If you have still have your bootloader locked, skip this step. But if you are rooted, or maybe just have your bootloader unlocked, continue to this step.

Connect to PC. Download Fastboot and install it. Now go to its installation path in Program Files (x86) or Program Files > Minimal ADB and Fastboot. Open a command window there by using Shift while right clicking the inside of the folder. Select the command window option.
Enter fasboot oem lock. This will relock bootloader after the automatic reboot. This is important because if it is unlocked, the flashing later will not work.

Step 5:

On your PC, update the USB Drivers for your device. This will allow you connect smoothly.

Step 6:

Go to AndroidRUU’s download page (or any other stock rom’s website). On this page, proceed to the Filter area with drop down selections. Choose your device’s model/carrier from the ‘Device’ drop down, and the version it’s currently running on on the ‘Android Version’ dropdown since it is the factory version of your model. Click ‘Find Files’ to search. Look for the proper download based on your device’s region and carrier.

Step 7:

Extract the downloaded file and run the setup inside as administrator. That is the ROM Update Utility or often called RUU. This is responsible for flashing the stock ROM. Once installation loading is finished, tick the ‘I understand….’ Box. Below, the ‘Next’ button should now be clickable.

Step 8:

Click ‘Next’ then ‘Update’. Now just keep on clicking ‘Next’ when prompted. Now, you will see update loading, and in that process also wipes data.

Wait for the reboot and there you go! Your device is now fresh as new.

For a video guide see:

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