Hasoon2000: Download & Installation Guide

Hasoon2000 is a simple rooting solution for those of you who aren’t too keen on navigating the command prompt.

What Hasoon2000 (the developer’s xda forum name) did was he developed an all-in one GUI based tool that would allow you to perform most, if not all, modding tasks that you would want performed on your android device.

According to Hasoon2000, he made this tool when he got his first Android phone, the HTC Amaze. Because he kept having to re-root his phone, he wanted to find a faster way to do it than the command prompt based method.

He first developed it for the Amaze, and started adding more support to more devices.

Now, it primarily caters to HTC devices:

Mini 2

There are also other HTC models that are supported, and a smattering of other phones.


For now, the program only works on Windows, so these steps are the steps to be taken when rooting your HTC One using a Windows PC.

Before you download hasoon2000, make sure to back up your data. Though it is rare, accidents can happen. There are lots of ways to do this, but enabling automatic backup on the google servers should do the trick.

What you need to do first is unlock the bootloader:

Then download Hasoon2000 from here.

Back to the toolkit, click Perm Root under the extras section. That command will put SuperSU.zip on your phone.

Again in the toolkit, click Boot into Bootloader under the Commands section.

After your phone reboots, the next step will be to flash a custom recovery. The default recovery is the TeamWin Recovery Project recovery.

If your Carrier is AT&T or Telus, choose TWRP ATT/Telus if not, choose TWRP International. You can choose to flash your own recovery as well.

After Hasoon2000 has finished flashing the recovery, disconnect the device from the computer.

In the bootloader, select HBOOT. Use the volume and power keys to navigate the interface.

After selecting HBOOT use the volume buttons to navigate to the Recovery option. Use the power button to select the option.

Select the Install command and look for SuperSU.zip. If the file is not there, turn reboot your phone, connect it to your computer, and manually copy the file over. It usually comes packaged with the toolkit, but if it’s not or isn’t working, download it here.

After Hasoon2000 has finished flashing, reboot your phone.

After your phone reboots, go to your app drawer and open SuperSU.

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