How to Export Playlists in iTunes

The idea of exporting your iTunes playlists can be considered to be a useful task especially when you want to transfer your files to other computers or devices.

It may come a time when you discover that you need to upgrade from that old looking Windows XP and get to a more advanced Windows 7 or Windows 8 PC.

Apart from transferring your personal information, you will discover that you have to transfer your playlists to your new computer as well. With the correct follow-up of these steps, you will be able to successfully export your playlists from your old computer to your new PC in a fast way.

This method can effectively work for iTunes 10 or higher.

A short tutorial on how to export your playlist to another computer

– The first step is to launch iTunes from your computer.
– At the top navigation bar, click on Playlist.
– A dropdown pane will appear at the left side corner of your window showing all your playlists. Select the one you wish to import.
– Click on File option then Library from the left side pane.
– From the Library option navigate to the Export Playlist option.
– From the Format dropdown menu, you can choose to export your playlist in Text Files, XML Files or M3U Files. You should note that, if your intention is to play your music using third party players, M3U Files format will be the most appropriate. If you choose to use the Text Files format, ensure that your computer can easily understand Unicode.
– By clicking OK, iTunes will be able to convert files in a particular playlist in the selected file format ready to be exported to the iTunes store of your new computer.
– Connect your external hard drive to your PC and copy your exported playlists so that you can transfer them to your new computer.

Easy isn’t?

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