CWM (ClockWorkMod) Download & Installation Guide

The stock recovery of Android has back up and restore features and reset your device to its factory settings. That’s all. But with the use of ClockworkMod, also known as CWM, you will be able to do so much better. CWM is most known for its custom recovery that is often used to flash custom ROMs. How? When it is installed, you can now install ROMS on your phone itself, signed or not signed zip files.

Back up and restore process are much more accurate and faster with it. It also has mounting features, like mounting SD card and letting it be accessed on PC even when you could not boot up to normal mode.

Its graphic user interface is good. The functions are listed down and you can use Volume buttons to navigate. It also has a touch version if you are not a fan of overusing your buttons. It has the same layout, but no more buttons involved. It is a little bit hard to use if you have thick and fat fingers, but you would not think about it already for its functions will impress you.
Aside from the above mentioned, there are way more functions that you can discover by using it, so if you want to have it on your device, or if you don’t want the other custom recovery you currently have and you just used them temporarily for rooting, read this article more further to find out how.


1. You should have an unlocked bootloader and a rooted device.
2. This article is not responsible for any of anything that might happen. Do this at your own risk.

If you are tired of doing fastboot commands and flashing, forgot how to use them or have no knowledge of these terms at all, do not worry because there is a very easy One-Click installer available. No more USB Debugging, installing drivers and connecting to PC involved. You just need to connect your device to the internet and you are good to go.

Step 1:

Go to Google Play Store and search for Rashr – Flash tool. Download and install it.

Step 2:

SuperSU request will appear so just allow it.

Step 3:

The Rashr – Flash tool will give you a category of flashable files, so choose ‘Recovery’. Then, choose CWM. This will flash the image file if you have it stored. But if not, do not worry because it will download the necessary image file for you.

No restarting needed, it will just be flashed then you are done! But if you are very much excited and want to check out your new CWM recovery in your device already, you are free to choose reboot.

For a video guide see the video below:

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