Got Duplicates In iTunes? Here’s Why

There are many reasons for getting iTunes duplicates. For instance, you can decide to move your files from one folder to another through drag and drop method. The original files will obviously be left in their initial folder meaning that you will have two different folders containing the same files.

Similarly, you may decide to edit a particular file through a special editing program. Take an example of a photo. After making the necessary edits, you will have to give it a unique name then save it in a particular location. You will finally end up having two similar copies of the same file with different names and file formats (JPEG and Tiff files).

This issue of having iTunes duplicates is also common in the iTunes playlist. At times when you open your iPod or any other idevice for that matter, you may experience this problem of similar songs being played repeatedly. Ever wondered what the hell might have happened? Now pay special attention to learn what exactly causes this annoying behavior.

What causes duplicates in iTunes?

– If using an idevice such as an iPad, iPod or iPhone, you may experience this problem of iTunes duplicates more often. This is because, under the store settings, automatic download option may be turned on meaning that your device will automatically download music from the store. This will mean that, your device will end up downloading albums with some songs already existing in your iTunes library.

– Another factor which causes duplicates in iTunes is when it comes to upgrading of your files and apps. You may be having some older albums which you wish to upgrade to newer versions. Maybe you want to change those 1980s classic tracks with the latest versions which are now available for download. After a successful upgrade, iTunes may fail to delete those older versions thus leading to duplicating of iTunes songs.

– Another startling factor which causes files to duplicate in your iTunes library is when you import music files from an external source. This external source may be your flash drive or an external hard drive. Maybe your computer had developed some problems and after a successful comeback, you decide to reinstall iTunes and import all your files back ‘home’.

You will find that most of your iTunes files will be duplicated once the process is complete. The reason behind this is that after transferring the correct folders which you had highlighted, iTunes will on the other hand import some songs through the playlist folder which is contained in your music folder.

– Another reason is by inadvertently adding songs to your library which are already present. In most cases, you find that you unknowingly rip music files from a CD then drag and drop them to your iTunes library. At times, iTunes may use its inbuilt intelligence to recognize and notify you of existing duplicates. At times, it may fail to recognize leading to iTunes duplicates.

The issue of duplicates in your iTunes library can result to a big problem especially for most iPhone 6 users. You will notice that, your device is unable to fully sync all your contents as required. It may sync some of your songs, your movies and at times it may completely fail to sync at all.

This is caused by an existing bug which is present in the current iOS/iTunes version. It operates through recognizing duplicated songs in your iTunes library then silently paralyzes iTunes making it unable to sync.

To conclude, it can be wise to delete duplicates in iTunes to keep things more organized. There is software that can find and remove all duplicates as well, so it doesn’t have to be a pain in the you know what.

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