The Benefits Of Jailbreaking IOS 8

Jailbreaking IOS 8 carries some risks like voiding your warranty with Apple, but it also offers immense benefits for those interested in pushing IOS further than Apple allows.


One of the primary advantages to jailbreaking IOS 8 is that it allows you to customize many aspects of your phone. This can include altering the icons of apps, customizing your lock screen, and changing the wallpaper or ringtone.

It is also possible to change the Control Center so you can use an older style of notification if you do not like some of the more recent changes Apple has made (2).

Change Default Apps

Another good reason to jailbreak IOS 8 is if you are not satisfied with any of Apple’s default apps, as jailbreaking allows you to modify or replace them entirely. For example, if you do not like Safari, you can download a third party app like Google Chrome and set it to default to bypass Safari altogether.

Being able to completely change the icons and interface is just one benefit.

Using Unauthorized Apps

While Apple updates IOS frequently and is often ahead of competitors, there are still apps that they will not allow anyone to use. Jailbreaking can allow you to take advantage of emulator apps which let you play older video games or AppGratis which gives you free or nearly free apps every day.

These are just a few of the potential apps you can install to increase your enjoyment of IOS 8 and are unlikely to ever be allowed in the app store because the unauthorized apps do not financially benefit Apple.

Speed Up IOS 8

You can also install unauthorized apps like SBSettings, Nitrous, and Dashboard X which allow you to do things faster.

For example, turning Bluetooth or Wifi on or off can take several screens before you actually get the option you want to change. With SBSettings installed, you can have this option accessible immediately.

Installing Nitrous to your device will boost the speed of Javascript in any apps that you use. This is important because Apple restricts faster Javascript to their own apps like Safari and iBooks. Nitrous can not only increase the speed of more demanding apps like games, but can also make Google Chrome work faster.

Needless to say, this type of app which Apple does not and probably will not ever permit, is extremely helpful for nearly everyone (3).

Dashboard X lets you add widgets to your device’s home screen so you can easily access your favorite apps. This feature may not seem that helpful initially, but anybody who is used to Android and Windows phones might find this feature lacking.

There are many more reasons to jailbreak IOS 8, see this video for example:


So, if you want to start to jailbreak IOS 8 (including IOS 8.1 and IOS 8.1.1) or if you are you looking for ways to get more out of a jailbroken device, there are countless ways to increase your enjoyment, whether it’s an iPhone 6, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 3GS or even an apple TV. Many Apple users will not only enjoy customizing, but can actually spend many hours tweaking everything until they get it exactly how they want it.

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