How To Unlock Bootloader of HTC One Devices

It’s good to know that you won’t have to resort to shady methods if you want to unlock your HTC One’s bootloader, especially since you probably want to root your HTC One. Like many other manufacturers these days, HTC has provided users, especially developer and modder types, in a completely legal way. The great thing […]

How To Root Android: The Complete Guide

What is it? Simply, it is changing the standard operating system of an Android device. As a result of this process, the device comes under your control. With regard to the cell phone technology, the term “rooting” gives a sense that you are taking authority from the operating software to command your mobile phone. Many […]

How To Root Samsung Galaxy S3 – The Complete Guide

The possibilities with an unlocked Android device is staggering and is a key reason why many people chose to do rooting in order to get unrestricted access and rights to it. The following procedure is going to show you how to root Samsung Galaxy S3. While there are a number of tools that can be […]

How To Unroot Samsung Galaxy S3

You may wish to unroot Galaxy S3 and restore back to the original stock ROM. Well, this page will give you a clear outline on how to do this. Before you proceed, remember that You may face a bricking problem if you don’t follow the steps as outlined Guidelines for unrooting Samsung Galaxy S3: Before […]

How To Root Samsung Galaxy S3 (Without Tripping KNOX)

This tutorial is for having a Galaxy S3 rooted without tripping KNOX. It will help the user to keep safe the warranty. Most of the models including the ones from Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T, Virgin Mobile, Straight Talk and Verizon. It is now an easy task to do it on your device without tripping KNOX. This […]

How To Root Samsung Galaxy S3 (KitKat)

Rooting is always a favorite with users who wish to have more control and administrative rights over their devices, in the hopes of extracting the most value they can from their compatriots. The following is a step by step tutorial of how to make the most of your device that has installed the Android KitKat, […]

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S3 (Jelly Bean)

Rooting is a popular option for people who want unrestricted and total control over its system processes. It is quite rather a straightforward process, as it doesn’t really involve anything new or different from doing so other variants in general. But.. Before starting: 1. You should be running Android Jelly Bean (either 4.1.2 or 4.3). […]

How To Root Samsung Galaxy S3 (T-Mobile)

Having a T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3 rooted is a 5-minute procedure (including SGH-t999) that requires micro USB wire and a computer along with your phone. Before you start, make sure you have drivers installed. See “Samsung Mobile USB CDC Composite Device” in Device Manager. Or simply download Samsung Kies and install it. Here is a […]

How To Root Samsung Galaxy S3 (Straight Talk)

Rooting in simple words would mean changing the privileges of a user. It will help us in running the ‘sudo’ command (running programs with security privileges for a different user on Unix-like computers). It will help us to have different access of our device. We will be able to run applications like SetCPU and Wireless […]

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S3 (AT&T)

The use of a one- click methodology makes it possible for rooting many phones in remarkable terms. While the general process does work for many, it is rather imperfect for some others. It should be understood that the one-click approach requires that default settings and factory restrictions are removed. The implication is that you will […]