CWM (ClockWorkMod) Download & Installation Guide

The stock recovery of Android has back up and restore features and reset your device to its factory settings. That’s all. But with the use of ClockworkMod, also known as CWM, you will be able to do so much better. CWM is most known for its custom recovery that is often used to flash custom […]

TWRP Download & Installation Guide

Team Win Recovery Project, also known as TWRP, is today’s most recommended custom recovery for Android devices. Compared to the others, it has more edges. It has a great graphic user interface because it is touch-based. There are big buttons for its functions that makes it more user-friendly. When you need to execute actions, all […]

SuperSU Download & Installation Guide

You can identify if a device is rooted when it has SuperSU app installed. But there are misconceptions about the app. So if you want to be enlightened about what it really is and what it really does, you are in the right place. Basically, it is just a root manager that lets you somehow […]

How To Re-Root HTC One (M7)

Before having the Lollipop upgrade and you have rooted already, but lost it because you accepted that, you do not need to manually root your device. So, regain freedom by following this tutorial to simply re-root your device. This should be less hassle because it is as easy as elementary. Reminders: 1. This is for […]

S-Off Explained + How To Guide

The term S-Off (Security Off) is commonly used in HTC devices. But a lot of people are still being confused by this term. They often associate it to rooting and unlocking of bootloader. That is why this article is going to explain more further what exactly it is, the differences of it to other concepts […]

How To Enable USB Debugging on any Android Device

Developer settings is hidden by Google. This is to prevent ordinary users who are not familiar with it to change configurations that could mess up the device when mishandled. That is why it is labeled ‘developer’ because these are the people who are knowledgeable One of the options under it is USB debugging. When this […]

Philz Touch Recovery: APK Download & Guide

PhilZ Touch is a ClockworkMod / CWM like custom recovery, instead, it has its touch feature. Truth is, this is actually an Advanced Edition of the popular CWM. This is CWM plus everything you did not see on it. With this, you can actually adjust the touch settings such as its accuracy and sensitivity. You […]

Fastboot Download + Full Explanation

If you are an Android user who have already done rooting, or planning to root, you have definitely met the word Fastboot. This comes with Android Debug Bridge or ADB when installed. What people know in general is, both of them are set of codes that run through the same command line. Because of this, […]

ADB Download + Full Explanation

If you are an Android user, surely, you’ve already encountered ADB. Some people don’t really know its purpose even if they use it just because a tutorial said so. Some knows what it is for but confuses it with Fasboot because they pretty much do the same thing and come from the same package. If […]