The File Types Which Can Be Stored in iTunes

CD audio is one major file type which most songs are stored into. This format however changes depending with the type of player used. For instance, when you rip songs from your CD to your PC, these songs will convert to WAV. On the other hand, when you rip the same songs from the same […]

Got Duplicates In iTunes? Here’s Why

There are many reasons for getting iTunes duplicates. For instance, you can decide to move your files from one folder to another through drag and drop method. The original files will obviously be left in their initial folder meaning that you will have two different folders containing the same files. Similarly, you may decide to […]

iTunes Duplicate Remover: Automatically Find & Delete Songs

Every owner of some Apple device discovers iTunes at some point in time. This multimedia library can be the perfect place to store your favorite songs, videos, movies, TV shows, e-books and much more. Besides Apple devices, it can be used on all devices with OS X and Microsoft windows operating systems. However, if you […]

How to Import Artwork to iTunes

Album artwork are provided for songs bought from iTunes Music Store not just to distinguish each song or album from others, but also to add to your user experience with their attractive look. But for diverse reasons, some songs in your iTunes library may not have artwork associated to them. You may need to manually […]

How To Find ALL iTunes Duplicates

All owners of an Apple device met iTunes at some point during the use of their device. No wonder, since mobile phones and tablets are becoming more multimedia device that just an ordinary phone; and iTunes is a media player, library and mobile device management application. With it you may play, organize and download digital […]

How to Export Playlists in iTunes

The idea of exporting your iTunes playlists can be considered to be a useful task especially when you want to transfer your files to other computers or devices. It may come a time when you discover that you need to upgrade from that old looking Windows XP and get to a more advanced Windows 7 […]

How To Delete Duplicates In iTunes: Easily and Efficiently

For all iTunes users, it’s pretty likely that you have come across this issue of files (songs, photos and videos) being duplicated and appearing more than once in your library. Duplication of files is however a very frustrating thing especially when you find yourself listening to cool music with your friends and the next minute […]

How to Backup All iTunes Songs Including Artwork

It is a good habit for an iTunes user to ensure that his or her music library is regularly backed up. This is because you never know when your computer might crash or become corrupted. A backup will serve very good purpose in such an eventuality. You should, therefore, endeavor to ensure that your songs […]

How to Prevent iTunes From Creating Duplicate Files

Duplicates in iTunes are real and capable of robbing you of significant space on your hard drive. Aside the storage space consideration, of what use are these anyway when you have the originals on the same hard drive as well? If you are currently having a problem of your iTunes creating duplicates, the information presented […]

How To Fix iTunes Tags and Rename Songs

The importance of iTunes tags, also known as iTunes ID3 tags, cannot be overemphasized. It is provides metadata or information about iTunes songs, movies, TV shows and podcasts. This information includes name, year of release, artist and genre, amongst others. Theseare usually pre-filled for purchased songs. But there are times when songs in your iTunes […]