iTunes Organizer: Automatically Clean Up Your Songs

Sometimes when you go through your iTunes library, you find some flaws in it. You might find missing album artwork, incomplete info about a track and of course duplicates. It is annoying to know that there is so many wasted space with these duplicates, and of course it is so hard to organize all of this mess manually.

Although there are some manual ways that iTunes itself can help you to do, but we always look for a much quicker method and of course … easier. Manual ways are better used by people who have a rather small library, it won’t take long for them to fix and organize everything that is wrong with their library. For those people, manual ways include:

Finding missing artwork:

By just right clicking on a particular track or an album, and then choosing “Get Album Artwork”; this is how it is done manually. Of course it is better if you have few tracks or albums with no artwork, imagine what you’ll go through if your library is huge; can’t even imagine!


You can manually edit the metadata of your tracks and albums, by right clicking them and choosing “Get Info”. Again, this fix is only for smaller libraries; so that you can have time to do it all.

Removing duplicates:

Duplicates can really be very annoying, especially after syncing with your device; and you find some songs that is repeated a lot, only because it is duplicated. From the view menu, choose “Show Duplicate Items”; then do your thing.

Organizing and cleaning up iTunes using a software

By public demands and requests, many software companies produced some software to automatically organize and cleanup iTunes libraries. Let’s go through some of the best and most recommended of these software:


One of the most recommended organizing software ever, it is standalone software and is directed to users with large libraries. It can also manage small libraries of course, but its excellence rises with large ones. MediaMonkey works as a media manager, and it can do anything you want.

MediaMonkey can remove duplicate from iTunes, find iTunes artwork, fix missing tags, rip CDs and it can also sync your library with your iPhone or iPod. It has so many add-ons that allow you to do almost whatever you want to do to your whole library. This is a definite recommendation for people desiring a complete solution for their media library.

Tuneup Media

This is not standalone software, tuneup media is a plug-in which helps in organizing your iTunes media library. It can add artwork for your albums; fix your tags in any way they are missing; like title, artist or album name. Of course it can also find your duplicate tracks and delete them to save more space.

There is an option in tuneup media called “Tuniverse”, this option is important to you if your hometown gets a lot of artists and concerts; as it notify you when certain artists –configurable- hit your town.

This is a great feature for party lovers of course. There is also a “clean” feature, it simply goes through all of your tracks and fixes anything on its way; from misspelled titles to missing information or anything else. We don’t need to say that all of tuneup media features are automatic; you don’t have to do anything manually.

Rinse My Music

This is another standalone application that can be linked all the way to iTunes. It has almost the same features as tuneup media, with the exception of its standalone nature rather than being a plug-in. Rinse my music can do it all, fixing track tags, removing duplications, finding missing artwork and so on. The most significant feature it has; is that it gets high quality pictures for your artwork; and this is something that would make your library look really good.


This is not as popular as the other applications, but it gets the job done too. It does everything that other software do; it cleans up your duplicates, it fixes track tags and misspelled info and of course gets your missing artwork. It works after you letting it scan your media and then it gets you a list of all the adjustments that needed to be done, and then you allow it to do the rest. It will fix and organize whatever you agreed to in a matter of few minutes, and it will be all done automatically.
Which one is better?

This is a straight up question that needs some information from you to be answered properly. The choice is up to you and what you want to do with your media. In our case, we need something to organize our iTunes library, and then the recommended solution is “Tuneup Media”. Simply because it is just a plug-in that gets the job done and it does quite perfectly.

No need to setup standalone software and then link it to tour iTunes library, do all the work on the software then return back to iTunes to check for changes. But just in case you are looking for the best of two worlds and you want to clean up and organize your iTunes library; and in the same time you want a comprehensive and a very good media manager, then your choice is without a doubt “MediaMonkey”.

So there is no better answer, you do the thinking and you’ll be able to make your decision easily. But let’s be fair, there is nothing that could go wrong with any of these automatic iTunes organizers; they all get the job done. So it is a matter of personal issues, maybe you’ll like an interface better than the other or something, but when it comes to performance; it will be just a matter of few add-ons or extra features.

When it comes to organizing and fixing your library automatically, have no worries … anyone of them will do the job for you.

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